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Dear Supporters of FibroAction !


Spreadshirt shop who print our merchandise are currently offering FREE POSTAGE by using the code CUPID at the checkout.

Why not purchase a T-shirt, Cap or Totebag? Wearing or using these items can make you a human billboard for your support of our charity and therefore by doing this you are raising awareness for Fibromyalgia !

It cannot be a better time to buy with this voucher code, why not check out our online store with the basic FibroAction T-shirt at £9.10, Tote £8.90 or a mug £10.60...

If you wish to purchase any merchandise to support FibroAction, please click the link below;

Don't forget you could buy our Awareness Bands which are £2.50 plus P&P for a pair of bands one yellow and one purple, this raises awareness too ! Here's the link;

Many Thanks for reading

Best Wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator

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Thank you so much for this M, I am going to buy one of the T shirts for certain and an awareness band too. Hopefully the T shirt will raise some questions, which in turn can raise needed awareness of our condition :-)

Foggy x

Thank you so much for this, I will check it out and get some goodies!

Take care

Ken x

Hi Emma when is fibro awareness day, I still have the band as I dint give thm out before as it was too late, so thought I'd save for the next awareness day or week, when is it phlzzzz..sorry I'm late in n swearing but I've been ill in bed with very bad chest infection and asthma.....hope your keeping well Emma...hugs Dee xxx

Hidden in reply to Cookie72

Dee! I didn't think we would be allowed to swear on the site!!!!! Hope you are feeling much better. Hugs..Susan xx

Cookie72 in reply to Hidden

Hi there susan, LOL that goes to show I didn't re read my post, I nearly always do as you know was suppose to be answering, this predictif spelling drives you nuts sometimes doesn't it, thanks for well wishes ....gentle hugs...Dee xxx

Hidden in reply to Cookie72

Hello again, yup, I know it well, predictive txts, and not re reading what I write catches me out too, just adds to the fun of the replies :) Well wishes go without saying really, so if ever I forget, take it they are always being sent....Brain and hands don't communicate too well some days. Take care, Susan xx


Oh a tote bag sounds like a plan for me, I can use it everyday in work and round town :) maybe I wouldn't get such strange looks when I am hobbling about doing work related business in the town haha. Thanks for that, Susan xx

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