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We have recently been having issues with Royal mail's handling of the first batches of wristbands sent out. Some people were given a notification card saying that a small amount of extra postage plus a £1 handling charge was required and others are not aware of having received anything.

If you haven't received wristbands ordered more than 2 weeks ago, or if you were notified that extra postage was required and do not want or cannot do this, then please let us know via email on I have taken the decision that those people affected by this upset shall have replacement wristbands sent out.

If you were notified that extra postage was required and are happy to pay this or have paid it, then you will save FibroAction from being put to additional expense, which means more funds for Fibro awareness, so thank you! :)

If you haven't ordered wristbands and want to do so, please do! I'm confident we have taken steps so that we will not run into this issue again.

Wristbands can be ordered from the FibroAction website here:

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Thanks Linz - most helpful and generous!

Moffy x

I paid the full p&p which you requested then had a card through the door from Royal Mail to say I had to go & collect the parcel - quite a bit away - and had another £1.09 to pay to get the parcel. I had it collected & paid the extra but when I received it & looked at the envelope it only had a 10p & a 2p stamp on it! I think the last time you could have posted an envelope at this price would have been the early 1980's. I felt I had been conned when all I was doing was trying to support a cause to which I suffer with daily! I also had to get someone to go and collect the parcel for me! 12p wouldn't even buy an envelope now let alone post it! Why was there only this amount of postage paid when I had already paid the full amount? Very misleading :(


The 2p was actually 2nd ....... 2nd class..... I had to look twice at mine. :)

Hello Everyone,

I was responsible for the orders and posting of the wristbands. The post office worker said the postage was 60p , a blue 2nd class 50p stamp & a 10p stamp. There is a thread on the forum (in question section) where some members have received their bands without any problem as the parcel was weighed and the postage applied according to the person on the desk my end. I am bemused how Royal Mail can deliver some of the parcels, same weight & size yet others have incurred this handling fee for incorrect postage paid or haven't arrived at all.

I am sorry for these problems you have experienced and all I can do is apologise. As Lindsey says we appreciate your support and the problems have now been rectified.

Kind Regards


I received mine last week, had the 2nd class + 10p stamps on. No problems.


Lynne x

Mdaisy in reply to lynnecw

Thank You for your comment. I am glad you received them no problem :) and I do wish others had not experienced problems.

To clarify, 60p postage was put on each package as this was what was advised by the Post Office.

Some packages arrived fine, some didn't. We thought at first it was because Royal Mail put up their prices during the delivery period, but it's possible that the Post Office did not advise the best posting service for the packages. It may be to do with the fact that Royal Mail has automated all mail sorting and now prices posting on shape of packages as well as weight, so the shape of the package when sorted matters a lot (there's no one using common sense about packages that might have got crumpled or shaken up in the post!). In future we will be buying postage for the Large Letter service regardless of what the PO advise and this will avoid any issues of this kind.

Hey Lindsay told my oh about problem with postal charges he thinks it my be down to post office scales says they could be faulty as on work sometimes and not others or area postal services who put up the price although it's supposed to be the same but it aint, thought it may help, am gon back to sleep now big gentle hugs for all. Sithy

Hey Lindsay told my oh about problem with postal charges he thinks it my be down to post office scales says they could be faulty as on work sometimes and not others or area postal services who put up the price although it's supposed to be the same but it aint. Or someones pocketing the difference, thought it may help, am gon back to sleep now big gentle hugs for all. Sithy

Done it again gonna be to sort this phone out my comments must like you as you got twoo although they are slightly different.Sithy

the postage for letter post and large letter post never went up in April. RM only put up prices for what was called packets…now called large, medium and small parcels.

The Price of 60p would be for letter post, its highly unlikely that even one wrist band, although under 100g would fit through the 'letter' post rate (First class 60p)

As a lot of post is still sorted by hand its possible that in some areas that they postmen have allowed these items to fit through on the letter slot, although they aren't meant to. They tend to do it during busy times, esp like at Xmas. It only take one gem on an xmas card for it not to fit through the slot.

This sounds like it would explained whats happened

Although it costs more to send by Large letter post. 69p second and 90p for first class up to 100g, the over all cost if you have to pay RM 'ransom' charge of £1 plus difference in postage, is less in the long run. It hasn't effected me, as i didn't order any, but for example I live 14/15 miles from the sorting centre and have no transport and as the 'ransom' card never tells you who the package is from, we have often had to leave mail there and not get it.

One thing also thats important when sending any packages/letters etc is to put a return address label on them, because if they are not collected within so many weeks (I think its 2), they can at least be returned to sender.

You do have a choice of adding the stamps on the card, reposting it and it will be sent out to you, but not everyone can afford to pay extra to receive an item they may not have even requested (THIS doesn't necessarily relate to this thread as its already been said above that it will be sorted out if necessary) But I do hope this info helps anyone when sending any mail.

LindseyMid in reply to fibro

Yes, unfortunately it seems like we were given incorrect advice by the Post Office as the first batches were actually taken to a Post Office, which advised that postage would be 60p!

fibro in reply to LindseyMid

That wouldn't be the first time I have known them to do that. it happens a lot of greetings cards, because ether are light they automatically thing they go as letter post even just flat ones, but if the are a MM over the size the RM charge their 'Ransom'.

I wonder if they were all posted at the same post office whether its possible to claim compensation back from them. If you have proof of postage on all you sent out I would try to put in a claim or at least a complaint. Its up to them to do their job properly….. sorry to go on, its a pet hate as i know so many people who have been caught out but not when sending a batch of mail. it juts seems so unjustified xx

I received my fibro awareness wristbands today, thank you so much for replacing the ones that didn't arrive.

i would like a wristband how do i order?x

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