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Do you want to spend the weekend in Istanbul?

Asked my hub yesterday. I was fretting about todays appt for endoscopy at the time and I am sure he was trying to cheer me up. I have never been in an airoplane! I have been abroad and strangely, camping suits me. Don't know if its the laying flat on the ground, eating fresh bought fruit veg and bread, simple fayre every day or the getting away from it all.

The thought of flying off to a hot country when I am in the middle fo a fibro flare though is more that I even want to think about right now.

Love him, he only wants me to have a nice time but sometiimes he does not think it through! Like this morning at eight am when he asked me to make him a sandwich as he had clients all day and I had to explain that I was not allowed to eat because of test today and I would really rather not handle food!!!

He is wonderful though, breakfast in bed most days, and he does most of shopping and cooks lovely sunday dinners.

Very understanding, kind and gentle about my lack of libido (see my post about sex life)

This was not always so, he used to be a grumpy, moody old sod but at 44 he decided to become a counsellor, went to college, went to uni, got loads of diplomas and a degree, and an understanding (for the most part) of how people tick!!! I say for the most part because sometimes as I said, with me he goes a bit wonky occasionally like not realising what it woudl take for me (how many spoons) to do a whirlwind trip to Istanbul!!!!!

Bless him, I think I will suggest that if he is keen to do something at weekend we go to London(not far away) and have a nice meal and a show. I know I can manage that becuase last week we went to see Spamalot. Coach trip door to door practically so no stress.

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Hi, i am sorry to hear you are mot well enough to enjoy the trip. Could you please let me know the cost of the trip, where it departs from and times and dates please

Look forward to hearing from you Erika x x


I think it was just a dream in his head yzanne!!!! He is throwing ideas about like confetti!!!!


hiya - hope your endoscopy went ok. not something to look forward to is it :-/

I know what you mean about travelling. I love it, but the schlepp across Heathrow has always been the bugbear. When we went to Italy last year, we got priority boarding for the planes, which was tremendous. I havent gone as far as asking for the vehicle that takes people round the terminal but we may possibly need it as we're booked to Paris in late May and since BA don't fly from the west country anymore, it's a trek up to Heathrow.....:-/

can't wait to go and we're carefully planning what we can do with my mobility limitations, but I'll wave my walking stick at folks and hope they take pity - let's see what happens :-)


Which reminds me - we flew from Bristol to Italy and they didn't call the flight until it was way past overdue. Turns out the plane was late arriving. Guess where they put it? The farthest gate away that you can use at the terminal and a hundred plus people galloped to the gate - it was Easyjet of course, so no assigned seats. My beloved was absolutely furiious with the airline, because we didnt know about the free priority boarding until the return leg. As it happened, we didnt have to pay anything, but they wouldve been within their rights to charge us.


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