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Pain clinic


Went to my first assement at the pain clinic today didn't know what to expect, but it went ok first I saw a occupational therapy who was very good he was very understanding and knew what he was talking about, then I saw a physiotherapist who was also so very good he gave me some exercises to do and asked me some questions about how my pain affect my daily living , then I saw a physiotherapist , I just carnt believe how understanding they all were, think that's the first time anyone has listened to me and got it , anyway they said I am not ready for group therapy but I can have a one to one with the physiotherapist to build my self up to the next stage which will be the group therapy I think, so it was worth while going even though it was a long day.

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I'm booked onto a pain management course at St Thomas in mid July and am petrified as I dont know what to expect!!! Reading your post made me feel slightly better. any other information would be greatly apprpeciated, Mina xx

I'm waiting to be booked onto a pain management course once my medication has been sorted out. As far as I'm aware it involves different coping strategies for dealing with pain, including how to pace yourself through the day. That's the impression I got when I was seen in the pain clinic and spoke with the psychologist.

Have you got a contact number for the pain clinic? If so they might be able to give you more information about it. As I mentioned earlier that was my impression of what will happen, so please contact them if you can just to make sure and to put your mind at ease.

Pain Management courses vary depending on where you live. I recently attended a month long course, attending twice a week, which was run by a psychologist and a physiotherapist. We were taught relaxation, pacing and basic core strengthening exercises, which were quite gentle and at our own pace. It was overall a 'one size fits all' program, rather than being tailored to each individual. As such, some aspects were helpful, others not really.

The courses are certainly nothing to be nervous or afraid of. You might actually enjoy it

Good luck

Em x

I went to see someone about a pain clinic and mine consisted if a very nice pysiotherapist havign a long chat, telling me to reserve energy on good days to use on bad and that was it, bit of a waste of time, but a nice lady ;

do you get refered by your gp im glad it went well for you


Hi yes I got referred by rhemutogy (sorry about the spelling )

Thank you so much for this post. I to am waiting for my appointment date for the Pain Clinic and wondered what it would consist of. I have had real problems with medical drugs. They either gave me horrible side effects or did nothing. Duloxetine is my last attempt at dealing with my depression and so far its made even more depressed and running to the loo every five minutes. Told to at least hang in there for 3 weeks.

I have recently had my dose increased to 60mg Duloxetine, and I was the same as you running to the toilet, but I have just finished my first monthn and I am starting to feel the benefits now, so hang on in there x


my pain management course was very good in so many ways. The fact they understood and believed FMS was real was the most important help of all.

I hope you find an anti depressant that suits you. It took a few goes for me until I started on Mirtazipine which really has helped.



I too am waiting for an appointment. I live in Northern Ireland so knowing what it is like over here I don't hold much hope out for it being like yours did. I am finding it very hard at the moment. Pain in legs and back all the time, I no longer go shopping on my own as I panic that I will be knocked over plus I can't pack bags quick enough and then struggle to lift them. I really hope the pain clinic can suggest something that may help. I usually get you need to lose weight, which annoys me as, I would try to lose it if it wasn't a battle against side effects of drugs. Seriously sick of this mundane existence they call life.

I have been through the Pain Management procedure and rest assured they are so understanding on every level and it is very refreshing to speak with people who totally understand and believe what you say, as my Pain Management Consultant told me truthfully he can't take the pain away, but they have all these coping strategies to help you cope with the pain, "medication etc" it was actually Pain Management that diagnosed my Fibro, when no one else believed a word that was coming out of my mouth, and sorry to say one of my GP's as much as told me it was all in my mind, my Pain Management Consultant wrote a letter to the practice, to be put in my files. emphasising that it was not all in my mind, what I was experiencing was very real, so I say Thank God for Pain Management, I do not think anyone would ever have to worry or stress about attending that clinic. SOFT WARM HUGS

I went on pain management and it was great, we all had different conditions but it helped all of us. the only down side is when you leave you only have one follow up and for people like myself who need gidence and support it is very easy to get back into old habits like not pacing and the stretches so I did end up back at square one. one good thing is they found me a hidropool that I could join as when first diagnosed the physio done some sessions with me and it helps. I go in the evenings and because I had done it before I only needed to see there physio ones to get my exercises to do to help my condition. good luck

Hi everybody, I have been attending my pain management clinic for six months now, having one to one sessions with a psychologist & physiotherapist, preparing me for the residential course, which starts on 28th May. For the first two weeks, I will attend the clinic Mon-Thurs, going home on the Thursday night & returning early on the Monday morning, (although my first week will be Tuesday-Thursday because of the bank holiday). After the first two weeks, I will then attend two days a week for a further month. I think I am extremely lucky because they are putting me up in a hotel, as I have to travel a distance from my home. They have also provided me with a driver, who will take me to clinic in the morning & back to the hotel at night. My psychologist said that she will be running group therapy sessions, my physio will take the exercise sessions (which he assures me are gentle), there will be sessions with occy health & there will be input from the medical doctors. It sounds like the days will be long & tiring but I will gain many coping strategies regarding my pain, which I will use in many aspects of my life after the course has finished. I am looking forward to it, as so far the meds I'm on only take the edge off the pain, which is so debilitating! I will update everybody what it's like & hopefully reassure those who are waiting to attend.

Lots of love & (((hugs)))

Tracey. xxx

Hello, that was interesting to read! Good for you, me thinks I ought to go back and see my GP about attending one myself. I was diagnosed a couple of years ago by the Rheumatology Clinic. Was just told to pace myself and take paracetamol. An appointment later on with the doc, I was prescribed Citalopram. Finished the packet and no real change. Get by on the odd Paracetamol. And that's it! Not sure if my doc knows what to do about it. I have alot of pain at the moment because being stressed out with having to have our sweet little cat Jack put to sleep on Sunday. I am still cut up about it, and feel rather depressed. What do you think?


i posted earlier in this thread but i have completed the INPUT pain course at St Thomas & was great. Am obviously still in pain but its meant to give you the tools to help you manage better so mainly about coping, pacing, being mindful & stretching. TBH just being around other people in pain helped massively & have since got my diagnosis & set up a group on FB 'Together in Pain' for people with chronic pain in London area.

I agree it's nice to meet up with other people like yourself - dealing with pain and I understand yes it was good but still trying to pace, it's difficult pacing with people who don't and will never understand how you feel each day in reality. I understand what they are saying but its hard to put it into practice - life is so stressful and busy :-(

I went on one a few years ago and the only thing that really helped was the pacing thing.I think it varies which one you go too.They got me to do a knees bending excises and that was the start of my knees hurting a real lot and am now in so much pain from that day on ,just another thing to add to the pain list .x


Thanks for all your replies, sorry I didn't write sooner but I have had terrible fog, I don't know what is worst the fog or pain, I think I do need to pace myself but I feel like people put pressure on me as they don't understand how this affects me, so going to pain clinic might teach me to help them understand if that makes sense, ( think I am very foggy so please excuse my going craziness) don't think I have a brain any more haha. Thanks any way I will go and talk more nonsense somewhere else haha.

Hi ajack55, I'm so sorry about your cat, it rips your heart out when you have to say goodbye to a precious pet. I really feel for you, take care, love & (((hugs))) xxx

i was refered to a pain clinic 3/4 years ago and they adviced on what medication i should be on and rote to my gp and then saw the pain nurse for 3/4 weeks then went to a group meeting with other people with the same needs ie pain not where fms, we learned about relaxation what your mediction does and how to get the best from it it was a 12 week course from that you could be refered to the the alternative therapies ilike masage, accupuncture i learnt alot from it and it made me understand and except that i was poorly and that it didnt matter if i didnt make my bed that day or wash the pots so it does help you lots , good luck and i hope it helps you lots xx

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