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Shaking in my boots

Just got the paperwork for my endoscopy exam tomorrow. Been having upper abdo pain, difficuly swallowing sometimes and a lot of bloating ans wind. Gp said lets see what is going on, then he said we need to rule out stomachcancer.

He did not need to freak me out by sayiing that. I have got the appt one week after seeing the gp so efficiant there eh?

Needless to say I am worrying. More aobut the procedure than the outcome if truth be told.

Has anyone else had this done?

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I had an endoscopy recently, for the same reason!

The actual procedure is a doddle, so don't worry too much about that, though the heavy sedation they give you makes you feel a bit seedy for a few days!

I was terrified that I had stomach cancer, and of course that is a worrying thought, but at least your GP is anxious to rule it out, which is sensible! Mine turned out to be a gastric ulcer - easily treated fortunately, so maybe that's what you have.

Unless you have lost a great deal of weight recently, it's unlikely that you actually do have stomach cancer, and there are plenty of other conditions which could cause your symptoms.

The main thing is that it's caught early in which case there is every chance of complete recovery.

I wish I could take the worry from you - I had a nasty few days waiting for my endoscopy, but it will soon be over and you will hopefully have your mind put at rest.

Very best wishes, and please let us know how you get on!

Love, Moffy x


Thank you Moffy It helps to know that someone else has had the same panic!!!! I have had similar sedation at the dental clinic so know how I am going to feel. A very good friend is taking me so I will be looked after.


I had to have one .. I asked for sedation ... They said we will make you feel woozy now so you mind the procedure.... I woke up and it was all done ... Great sedation ... And I was fine except for acid reflux ...

My OH went for the throat spray option and he said that wasn't too bad either .... So with sedation you should be fine

Good luck

VG x


I had the throat spray and no sedation,the benefits were that I was in and out in less than 10 minutes.I don't think I'd be keen to have it done without sedation again though ,only because I struggled to swallow as the spray had numbed my throat!! this meant that I had to try to guess how to swallow!! you'll be fine the nurses are usually lovely and take great care of you x


I had one too, but without sedation. I was well proud of myself and it wasn't half as bad as I thought it would be. I hate being sick and have a tickly stomach, so I thought I would struggle with the tube going down.I would say if you are nervous or worried have the sedation, the only drawback is that you are kept there longer, but that's all. Hope it goes well for you, mine showed inflammation for which I now take tablets and have adjusted my diet. Good luck


Thank you so much for your advices ladies. I feel better aobut ir.


Yeah, you will know if you have cancer as has been pointed out, you lose weight rapidly. I think doctors say that sometimes to patients for a joke.


I know what you mean egastapo. One gp said to me he would give me some blood pressure meds if it would shut me up. I think they have a warped sense of humour sometimes.


That's it, to bloody warped sometimes especially if you are a regular visitor to the surgery. They like to scare the crap out of you for a bit of fun.


Hi hun my husband has had it done, he was really worried about it but he said it was a doddle when he came out. Hope all goes well for you hun. xx


Hi I had it done a few years ago and was told I could decide whether or not I had sedation. Chose sedation as thought I'd rather not be aware but was met by Nurse Ratched who virtually forced me to change my mind. For me, that was not the right decision but I've had worse and obviously lived to tell the tale. Obviously it's your decision but as you're already having trouble swallowing sedation might be the kinder option for you. My results were normal and I have to say the vast majority of results that come into the surgery are too. Please try not to worry about the cancer comment - your daft GP probably just thought he was being candid. They have a check list of gastro systems and if one or more is present for a while it's an automatic referral to rule out cancer. Hope it all goes well x


I have also had a few endoscopies,which showed inflammation in my stomach, BUT make sure you Do get sedated, as at my first endoscopy I was talked into getting it done with No sedation,as they said I'd be out of hospital quicker and less side effects, and they also needed the beds.All they did was spray my throat with a dusgusting spray and I felt like I couldnt breath and thought I was going to choke, Im also claustrophobic and it was terrifying. I felt everything, and once the tube was down had to grin and bear it. Although I felt really brave afterwards. I had further endoscopies done while sedated and what a difference, cant remember anything. So if you definately want sedated make sure you tell them.Good luck


Thanks for all your inrput gals (and guys if there are ny here)

I went this morning and did have the sedation. I now know waht you mean bout the throat spray. My throat felt parylised but when the sedation kicked in I did not know anything else. The were very kind bu my appt was ten thirty and I was assessed and then left sitting in a hard little chair till nearly twelve to get the test. I had to ask for a pillow and also get up and stretch frequently. I explained about the fibro but the nurses did not seem to understand what I was on a about. When I go home I went to bed for the afternoon.

One very kind friend drove me there and waited all that time and got me home and another delivered chicken soup in flasks for my tea!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When you need them you know who the real friends are.

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Oh, and by the way I have the heliobacter bug and need antibiotics to kill it and relieve the inflamation so nothing serious...!!!!

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