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just got back from my dads to find a dreaded brown envelope through my door and we all know what that can be, there is about 5/6 pages. My DLA when i was awarded laST year

was till may 2014 "relief" it is still 2014. I have been worried sick but i know i have over 1 year now before i will be contacted about PIP. I am still awaiting my ESA letter to see what they will be doing with that !!

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Dear Wendyjoy i wonder if you know the answer to this please. im 64 this november 2013 i have recieved dla for many years at the full rate indefinatly as im practically housebound. Now in nov 2014 will i switch over to attendance allowance as i will be 65 or will i have to apply for pip in 2015 when im 66 and in the meantime remain on dla this until the change over takes place . What a complete mess this all is.

thank you for your time scottydog


I received a letter last month and I panicked slightly as I also thought it was for PIP but it was to tell me my payments are going up, not as much as it dad last year but its better than nothing.


There is still only a draft copy of the PIP application form available flying around the internet somewhere, as the DWP don't seem to have got their ar*es in gear yet. I have spoken to my contacts within the DWP and they are of the opinion that last minute changes are still being made (it wouldn't surprise me from them crafty lot).

Here is the up to date info the DWP have on their site

Here is the DWP Consultation paper which shows the suggested descriptors


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They've already sneaked changes in under the radar so absolutely nothing will surprise me if they try it again. I just hope the Work & Pensions Select Committee keep up their vigilance - the Minister for Disabled People didn't fare too well under their scrutiny the last time she was called in front of them!


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