does anyone else get a really itchy scalp mine is driving me mad n i dont have head lice lol ?x

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  • Yep I get it. Plus greasy hair. Wish there was a solution costs lots trying to find shampoo tried them allxx

  • I have the same as you snowbell!! I've also tried different shampoos but as yet have not found a specific one that helps. I use 3 or 4 different shampoos and I never use conditioner. If I do, I have to wash my hair more frequently. I also use straighteners and I find they make my hair more greasy. I try not to handle my hair too much as I know this also tends to make it more greasy!! XXX

  • Me I too I have terrible trouble with dermititis on my head wow it itches. I try to wash my head every morning I use head and shoulders for maybe three days then I used another I alternate this seems to help but have to keep on top of it xgins

  • I used to get a dreadful itchy scalp, and the only thing that worked was a shampoo called 'Selsun' I just checked online and it's still available. Give it a try - it's really good!

    Moffy x

  • I had a the same problem with yellow pimples, very painful ......LUSH do .... Soak and Float Shampoo bar... been using it for the last 5 years ...all gone now :)

  • i get a icthy scalp alot and with young nephews and a niece i kept checking for the dreaded headlice ( which is allclear) i get a red rash on my scalp too so SNAP! i have to keep changing shampoos but has anyone get any ideas what it is? i tend to get itchy on my body at night too? x it is so odd. x drives u potty tho.

  • Yes its all to do with food sensitivity and too much substance p..... Anti histamines help. I've just started taking Quercetin..a week ago.....Google substance p and sleep.... Which is a flavenoid and natural anti histamine. You're meant to take it with vitamin c lol so just going out to buy oranges

    Head and eyes still itching a bit, but its manageable

  • Yep I have had bouts of this myself ,I have to wash my hair every day as it looks so dull .

    I have found tesco's own head and shoulders is good for the itching scalp, but I also get an itch on the sole of my right foot that drives me potty ,not sure if its one and the same problem my head may be o.k but now my foot is doing my head in ;-) xxx Tina

  • yep i also get this but mine is caused by psorisiss and find either psioraderm or aveeno oil shampoo which is quite expensive but works a treat aveeno can also be used as a bath soak or shower gel but don't use it if you have a wheat intoleranse as it contains colidail oil from wheat hope this is of some use.

    virtual hugs

    sleepy xxx

  • Great suggestions guys! I already take antihistamine for reaction to meds, daft isnt it. Will give those shampoos a go. Tried h&s doesnt help with the greasiness tho. Wish could wash hair everyday but pain too much, manage every other!xx

  • thanx guys i will try antihistamines xx

  • Gosh, I thought I was alone in this. I too used to check my hair regularly as I have a daughter and headlice preferred my scalp. She would get them at school and I would find one in her hair and 3 in mine. Just one would drive me nuts until I found it and would have no effect with her. As soon as I start scratching, she says I haven't got any (she is now at high school).

    I changed shampoo a couple of months ago and my scalp drove me nuts, keeping me awake until the anti histamines kicked in. I too have greasy hair. I am now stable with Aussie frizz miracle.

    Thank you for letting me know I am not alone in this.

    Jo x

  • I have the itchy scalp and use nizerol. I also have the itchy skin, legs, arms, back, it gets so bad that i now have super strength anti histamines that i must take when the bout gets so bad that i mark my body where i have been clawing at myself. It can affect any part of my body whenever it likes, morning ,noon or night. Wish you well and gentle


  • It's always worth checking with your doctor about symptoms that haven't been discussed before. As this thread shows, itchiness may be caused by many things.

    Definitely see your doctor if you find you are taking OTC/off-the-shelf medications regularly for more than a few days.

  • My head drives me crazy too Ive tried everything but I do get some relief after shampooing I rinse my hair with a dettol solution and it does stop the itch for a good while .

  • I too have itchy tiny spots appear on my scalp too after washing my hair. Now exema in my left ear too with a recent inner ear virus causing vertigo and tinitus. I wash my hair every other day but by second day is greasy too. I have tried lots of different shampoos without sulphites and other foaming ingredients all help for a while. Currently I am using L'Ocitain shower gel as a shampoo which is ok. It seems to be trial and error but not a solution. Does lack of B12 show up in LFT and other blood tests, never thought of this before? Anyone got suggestions as to cause of my itchy scalp.

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