Itchy eyes

I've gone from sleeping almost continually for weeks to being 'normal' sleep pattern to last night...well Now...not sleeping a wink! Just dozing since 1am. I came to bed at 10.30!

does anyone else get like a kinda hayfever effect with their eyes? Mine become tired and when i rub them (i do try not to) they are itchy then sting as if I've towel dried them! Then they water and become more blurred! I'm sure my right eye has deteriorated since having my glasses renewed 16 months ago :-( now im wondering if this new sleep pattern is going to last as long as last time? Went on for months with now sleep, my brain doesn't work properly WITH SLEEP! and my eyes get even worse! Aaahhh great :-(

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  • Hi Flips I get this too but not every day. I have today and am sitting with cool damp cloth over one eye - it seems to help a bit- it is an effect of the drugs I believe rather like dry mouth. Hope it goes soon :) have a good day x gins

  • Hello there,

    Sorry to hear that you have been experiencing such difficulty in sleeping, that is NEVER a good thing, but I normally find with myself that I get a few good nights, then a few bad night...when I have my bad nights of sleeping, my eyes become feeling a sense of "itchy" too, and very gritty and sore. To prevent the itchness I tend to just wash my eyes and pat dry them, that normally works for me....

    I hope you sleep well very soon and that the itchy sensation goes quick....

    Steph x

  • Thank you gin and Steph. Yeh sleep habits vary I know That from experience! Sadly :-( but yeh will try those tips for my eyes too. Only thing is it doesn't help when im out n about. I've given up wearing makeup coz I just end up looking like a panda! Lol

  • Sleep habits can be unpredictable. Well for me.

    Have you checked with pharmacy as could be hayfever but you have to be careful with medications.

    I used a deep heat cream thought ok then used deep heat spray could not breath properly looked ingredients and i am allergic anti inflamatorys, yet you can just go buy it off the shelf.

    So just check as if pollen high it maybe a touch of it

    Cazzie xxxxxxx

  • Hi i too have this prob right now with itchy eyes driving me mad x

  • Hi my eyes can get so painful and my vision gets blurred . When I mentioned this to my optician he said it could be fm as there are muscles behind our eyes . Yesterday the pain was so bad I went back to see him and he checked the pressures behind my eyes and he said they were fine and he thought it could be migraine or hayfever until I reminded him hed said fm could cause this pain. He px me some drops before as he said my eyes seemed dry so its probably best if you see an optician sweetie x

  • Dry eyes can cause them to be sore and scratchy and itchy. Get your optionition to do a "tear test" to see if you have dry eyes. I have found this to be part of my fibro symptoms. Or try tto get some simple eye drops from boots. (Artificial tears). You can buy them over the counter. If it helps then it could be you have been suffering from dry eyes....I can even cry properly as mine can get so dry.

  • Yeh thanks x I have been thinking of asking my Dr to write a letter to my optition so I don't get charged for an eye test with it been under two years since me last test. I've thought about hayfever but I don't get a runny nose or sneezing.

    I to am alergic to heat sprays cazzie but ok with creams. Even go im on anti inflamatories like everyone else here! My doc says that occasional use of a cream too is ok.

    I didn't think about FM and eye muscles altho it stands to reason...its muscles and non are safe in a fibro bod lol. Yeh I also get eye pains behind the eyes but I was afraid it could be because of my thyroid xxx

    Oh we need clones wihout the crap don't we lol xxx

  • Hi flips,

    interesting you mentioned it over or under.? the reason i ask is as i had terrible eye problems and it turned out to be thyroid eye disease for which after 4 long painful distressing years i finally had eye surgery last Nov.

    Also check as to wether you might be allergic to the preservatives in eye drops..all mine have to be preservative free or within 7/8 hours my eyes are so swollen i can't see, seems i have a very extreme reaction!!! damn can't win lol.

    i really hope you get sorted

    Take care

    Jan xx

  • hi Flips I have the same problem with sleep or lack of and my eyes, I use Boots 'dry Eyes' drops in drops when i get up works well i think Fibro causes the dry itchy eyes. I find i dont sleep tossing and turning and dozing in between for so many nights then i will have a good one, some nights i feel i have no sleep . I get sharp pains in my eye too awful isn't it .

  • Looks like you're someone who knows how I feel, Flips, and by the look of it there's a lot of us - I have the same problem. It happens completely randomly to me. I don't see much with my left eye anyway - not fibro related - but when this happens to either eye I'm basically useless! The amount of things I have had to cancel is endless.......

    I never know when it's going to strike....and even though I get eye drops from the doc it still doesn't help when your eyes are all blurred and scratchy.

  • Hi all,

    Hope you don't mind me doing a blanket reply to all..seems the best way.

    Seems dry eye's is a common thing here, and drops do help. I've recently had surgery for thyroid eye disease, and i was given industrial levels of eye drops for dry eyes...odd as my eyes were always running!!! The consultant explained it all to me and also mentioned the scratchiness on the eye ball as the eyes weren't lubricated properly so were often prone to this scratchiness we all feel, a horrible feeling so i can sympathise with you all.

    I went into my local heralist shop and was recommended an eye wash to relieve the itchiness and boy did it help. It was a herbal remedy called EYEBRIGHT and you can get it from health shops, although Holland and Barrett don't do it. The local herbalist shops usually stock it...I even found it in Canada when i was there..thankfully!!!

    It's an infusion type mix a teaspoon full with boiling water...let it cool and bathe the eyes with it as and when. AND with being a herbal solution, there are no side effects or interactions as far as i know,,,best check though

    I can only tell you it really helped me and pass the info on. It's only about £1 for a little bag full .so no great loss if it doesn't work.

    I really hope this helps some of you, i know only too well after 4 years of eye disease how painful and distressing it is.

    take care

    Jan xx

  • Hi! Before I was diagnosed, this was one of my symptoms. At first I thought I was researching too long on the computer. I was constantly squinting. After three months I decided to get Botox to stop the squinting since I then had a deep groove between my brows. Funny thing - the dry burning eyes stopped! When I told my doctor he thought I was nuts. (Like Yeah! Good excuse to get Botox!) But it honestly worked for me. But since I began the Guaifenesin protocol, I no longer need the Botox or all the other drugs I was on. I am clearing my Fibro. My 4 year-old daughter became symptom free after 6 weeks on Guaifenesin. A lot of people fail to recover on Guai because they either block the receptor site with a salicylate they are unaware of, they are not using pure long-acting Guaifenesin, or they are not on the correct clearing dosage. Being a patient of Dr. St. Amand, I have learned a lot from him about how to do it right, and am humbly sharing what I have learned so others can get well too. I don't sell anything. Hugs, Sabrina <3

  • Hi all I to have sleep problems I now have an eye problem when I wake that's when I do actually sleep my eyes are stuck shut have to feel my way to the bathroom as I peeled them open once & ended up with crusty bits in my eye ouch.

  • I have eye problems but I have a cataract on my right eye. I get runny eyes and my good eye gets blurry. I believe it's linked to an allergy, like pollen, dustmites, my cats maybe..I also get a bit chesty and wheezy aswell. I take anti-histamine but it isnt 100% effective.

  • yes I get this so I went to the gp and she gave me some gel to use one for the day time and one for the night time I hope this helps.

  • Wow what a response! Thanks to everyone for adding to this blog. All info is a great help. Jan, and fibrocanada, you sound like you had it rough! well all of us, why is it not JUST the one disease we get????? not fair :-(

    I'm going for my eyes tested next week so I may get some answered. My doctors said do that first then go back and let her know the result then she will give me some drops. If not I will deffinately try the herbal ones, they sound good :-)


  • just read this and wow thanks. ended up at our local a&e last week as had what i thought was a lump/pimple come up on my eyeball as felt as if i had something in my eye really itchy and scratchy ect the dr had a look and said i had the pimples on both my eyes so they were normal for me but prob had an infection of the eyeball. i never mentioned my fybro or HMS as never even thought that it could be that causing it. i also get bad ' headaches' behind my eyes. will be going back to my gp to get re-referred to the hospital as i had an assessment to diagnose the fybro but then left to deal with it myself as had been 'managing' it for years but getting worse and harder to do so. this forum had me going 'oh my that's me! and it makes sense now' and explaining a lot of what i have as the fybro and not something im imagining. thanks you

  • I agree josieowl, in like wow in not the only one dreaming up or imagining stupid symptoms almost every day! Can I ask what HMS is apart from Her Majesties Service haha

  • HMS stands for Hypermobility Syndrome. :)

  • Ah right thanks for the clarification x

  • I have dry eye syndrome which I was told was part of fibro? I have fake tears and eye wash. I get a lot of infections I know not to rub them when it feels like I have sand in them but I have too. It has caused damage to my eyes rubbing them scratched my retina. It has also damaged my sight badly. So getting it checked by a doctor is really important. I wish I had knew that it is part of fibro and can damage my sight xx

  • I've been told that underactive thyroid can also cause eye problems. I've had that for 12 years.

  • I get really itchy eyes al year round, but really bad during hayfever season. My optician told me to change my eye drops to Systane that lasts for 6 months instead of 4 weeks, which my GP now gives me, but under a different name. Really helps and can choose as many times as you need per day, but usually only 2-3 times. Also can be affected by my glands swelling coz of hayfever and use a nasal spray.

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