Strange happenings

I called in Tesco's on the way to work this morning to pick up a paper and some dog treats for my little jack Russell. Took me ages to get to the pet aisle and when i did Whoaaaaaa,

they have stuck this thing on the floor covering the whole of the ailse which is covered with pictures of easter eggs in bright colours (the eggs are opposite the pet stuff) and a notice saying can you hop on the blue eggs. Well I took one look at it and it made me feel so queasy that I had to ask an assistant to get the dog treats for me as I felt if I walked down there I would pass out or be sick.

Oh well the dog and too cats will have to starve this week (joking).

On Tuesday my daughter did my cleaning while I was at work (I pay her) and she had left a plug in air freshener on. The smell made me feel so ill that I wasn't able to eat that night.

Also about three weeks ago I was in Asda and everytime they said something on the intercom it was so loud I had to cover my ears and when we got home the two grandchildren (aged 8 and 5) seemed extra loud and I reluctantly had to ask them to be quiet. The problem with that was the following week my daughter said to them be quiet Nanny can't stand noise and I said no that's ok I'm fine today. How can I expect them to understand when I don't know myself from one day to another which smells,noise and visual things are going to make me feel ill.

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  • I think I would have had the same reaction to the floor in Tesco, it sounds horrible. I don't much care for Tesco anyway, to big and noisy altogether. AT the moment I have a headache and my sashing machine is roaring round making it worse. I know what you mean by intermittant sensitivity. Ear Plugs? Keep them handy for when it gets bad?

  • Thanks spidey, never thought of earplugs, good idea I'll get some tomorrow.

  • Hello Lynne, I completely sympathise with you, I get migraines which are mostly triggered by light, sound and definatly smell. My dr told me that when you suffer like this your senses are heightened, so you are more susceptible to being triggered into migraine, I certainly find this and when I have migraines, everything, sound, light smell eeeuuggghh, have to get myself into bed with blackout eye masks and I am lucky that as I live alone noise isn't an issue. I too have a jack Russell and she tucks herself in the bend of my legs and my other terrier just lies quietly on his fleece, they both seem to know when I'm suffering and are really good. I hope you start to feel better and know for one I totally understand where you are coming from. Foggy x

  • Thanks Foggy, I thought it was me going mad. Although all these things we suffer are horrible it's always good to know we're not alone.

  • It's something that goes hand in hand with fm I'm afraid, it's not pleasant. Sometimes when my son is calling the dog in by whistling , that really goes through me it just sounds so shrill, also the supermarket gets to me with the tannoy and too many people, I get over this by getting my son to take me around 1am as I can't sleep . So we have to work round everyday hurdles and get over them . Good luck :)

  • Hi Lyne noise extremes goes hand in hand with fibro. I myself am acutely aware of loud noises. If the tele is too loud it is awful at this moment OH is blitzing the soup for lunch and the noise is over the scale. My eyes also suffer from bright image I am afraid ir is just a problem with dear old fibro you are not going mad. Take care xgins

  • Yep me too. Light and sound sensitivity.awful, comes and goes at varying levels. U do feel very sily! Sunglasses in middle of winter? Done it all. Makes tinnitus look like doddle and I av that too. No you are not mad, just feel like it! I am finding new quirks of fms all the time. Fun!xx

  • Oh the lovely hyper sensitivity, know it well. Have stopped shopping in Tesco and moved over to Waitrose as I found myself so disorientated every time I shopped. MIght be a tiny bit more expensive on my meagre income but I usually buy as much on offer as possible and almost find it relaxing! Helps that I get a free cuppa each time so I can sit and get chilled before I tackle the shop. Also sometimes find I have to leave my pals early when we're out. We usually meet early evening on Wednesday for a catch up and alternate between two pubs. One has a nice quiet back room but the other is small and very noisy and I sometimes find the noise levels to be almost painful and very disorientating. Luckily I've trained my friends up a bit so they don't think I'm being off with them if I suddenly have to up and leave x

  • Hi Lynne know how you feel I'm hyper sensitive to meshed colours and loud noises too I'm sad to say as Snowbell, Gins and Foggy have pointed out seem to go hand. In hand I. Hadn't put the two together untill afeew years ago I take Rizatriptan when I get a migraine but am limited to 3 a month so have to take ibuprophine as we can't have paracetamol in the house as my oh is deadly allergic and knowing my luck. I'll end up leaving some trace. Of it where he will get it on his hands and endup transferring it to his mouth an. All it takes is a trace and I can't lose him. Sithy

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