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Has anyone out there lost their sence of smell and Taist ?


I lost my sences ( smell & Taist ) last December ! and dont know why! I did have a really bad cold and then lost my beloved pet dog (molly ) at the begining of January! whitch was a terrable shock to me because she was only ill for 24hrs! So I have put it down to that , Can anyone else Help ? I find it very upsetting ??

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I have has the bug / virus thing that lasted half of march I lost my smell and taste completely it has just come back but not to its usual self... Since December is quite a long time to suffer I would Definately mention it to your GP

And I am so sorry to hear about your beloved pet it's a horrible shock when they die suddenly..

VG x

I lost mine from another condition.

I'm sorry to hear about molly, it's so sad when we lose a beloved pet, my little boy budgie died last month. hopefully, like me, you'll have lots of good memories.



Thanks VG , I did go to my GP but after checking me out , told me to go back in 3 months ? I was a bit upset about that , because I couldnt understand why it had happend at all ! Anyway a few days ago I went to see another GP and she has given me some antibiotix and nose drops to try . I had a good sence of smell & taise before it happended ? so Ive been a bit worrid about it ?? Nothing as helped just yet ??


Very sorry to hear about you losing your beloved Molly,i absolutely adore my dogs and when anything happens to them it leaves me heartbroken as they are my everything,hope you feel better soon and as Sandra has said hold on to the happy memories to help get you through,lots of love xxx

Sorry about your loss of your dog, it's as bad as losing a human, I always think!

Anosmia, or loss of smell is fairly common, often occurring after a severe cold, and can last for months. Maybe the antibiotics and nose drops will help, but this problem usually clears itself up within six months.

If you have no improvement in the next few weeks, then it might be a good idea to lean on your GP for some further investigations, as certain drugs and medical conditions may be to blame. Interestingly, this condition is sometimes associated with lack of Vit B12.

I hope and trust that you will have recovered before then, and that you will be happily sniffing with the best of us!

Moffy x

thanks for that ! moffy yes I try tthat and thankyou all for your concern about my lovely molly dog , Its been very hard to be without her ! I still find myself weeping for her !! She helped me a lot ,because I didnt always feel like talkeing her out because of the pain ! but I new that I had to and it made me go out when I did always feel like it ! and that did me good to walk her , kept me going every day !!!!

It does seem strange that loseing molly and my sence of smell & taste at the same time I dont understand it ????? Valann x

Hi Valann,

I suspect it was the cold that started your problems, but the shock of your loss of Molly and your weeping have almost certainly aggravated it.

If you lose your sense of smell, you will lose your sense of taste as well, because we can only taste sweet, sour, salt and bitter - everything else is down to the aromas we get from our food. I bet you could still taste salt, sugar or lemon juice in your mouth!

Try not to worry too much, because this is not an uncommon problem and will probably get better before too long. Look after yourself and try to eat nourishing food even if it seems flavourless. Hopefully a general improvement in your health will help your other problems.

Love from Moffy x

Hi I too have had no sence of smell for months now and it is very strange sometimes if I open my mouth I can smell a litttle through my taste buds otherwise nothing. It has made me somewhat obsessive about cleanliness . I have never spoken with doctor just assumed it was part and parcel or drug related I too will chat with him next time I see him.

Take care and remain positive xgins

valann in reply to Ginsing

Hi gins, I to have gone a bit mad about cleaning I keeping asking my daughter-in-law if she can smell enything like my bins or anything gone off ha! ha! because it bothers me ! I have also burnt two tea towells black as charcole , because I didnt smell them burning ! it can be so Dangerous if your not carefull I now have to check and double check things .

Valann x

Hi Moffy, Thanks again, I think that your right , because I was just getting over the cold when I lost My Molly and I couldnt stop crying for almost a fortnight because I felt in shock it happend so fast , that it didnt give time to come to terms with the idia of her being too ill to fast and then gone ! I miss her so much !but , Im getting better now and filling my time with other things , so hopefully it will come back the smell & taist , and yes your right all I can taist is bitter and sweet and thats it but no smell at all. Thanks for your Help

Valann x x

I have and I haven't had no cold or virus or anything . I can't remember the last time i had a cold, it must have been a few years ago now!

I'm having a camera in my nose later this month to check the lining is ok. It really has effected my tastebuds too.

I haven't heard of this being connected to Fibro though, but I will just see what my ENT surgeon says. I hope it comes back. its horrible losing any of your senses, it feel alike you have been robbed of something. i don't enjoy food so much any more although i haven't lost any weight lol xx

Hi fibro thanks for getting in touch ! hope everthing goes well for you ! Yes your right it makes a big differance to how you feel about eating ? its not the same anymore when you can,t smell your meal cooking and then no taist either !!!

It changes how you feel about food ? Can you taist sweet and bitter things ?

My GP says if these antibiotics and naisle spray dont work ! she is going to send me to the ENT ! but I,m not looking forward to that at all !!!!!

you,ll have to let me know how you go on ?

I hope and pray that this is not down to fibro, because I would really hate to lose those senses as well as everything else.

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