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Big fat body :(

Hi all, I've put on 8 stone since I've finished work, I know that a lot of our medication causes weight gain but this is mad !!!! I've always had trouble with my weight but this is a nightmare.

I can't do weight watchers or slimming world as I hate the meetings and I was not motivated to do it on line.

My dad phoned me last week to say he had got some some information about a hypno gastric band, I was sceptical but yesterday I went for my first session, I came out feeling so mellow its lovely.

I can vaguely remember him talking about the strain my weight has on my heart but that's all.

I came home and got myself a large glass of water and told my husband that I only wanted a small bowl full, I can't explain it but I know I can only 3 small meals a day.

Just wanted to bring members into my experience and keep them updated.

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Well done, Pennie - I'm glad you've found something that works for you, and I bet that you'll have lots of interested replies.

I'm sure you'll join me in cautioning other members who want to try this that they must check that their practitioner is well qualified in medical hypnotherapy.

There are a few unscrupulous folk out there who will take your cash and be unable to provide the proper service!

Moffy x


Hi ladymoth, I checked with my gp first and then did some research on the hypnotist himself, he practised in his home and that made me feel more confident to go ahead plus he only wants paying for the session on the day.

You do have me questioning it myself now


Oh no, Pennie - I'm sure your guy is perfectly reputable, and you have checked with your GP, so you've done all the right things!

I have read that results from these treatments are very encouraging, and you've had a positive experience from your first session, so I will be very interested to hear how you progress.

It's just that some people are so desperate for help that they don't 'look before they leap', so I urge everyone to do as you have and do a bit of research first.

Moffy x


Well done Pennie, I have haven't heard about this so it's very interesting. You have obviously researched this completely with consulting your GP which is exactly what people should do before undertaking any form of dieting. I am glad you now feel motivated to go with the three small meals a day, please don't feel bad if some days you don't feel the same way, it's sometimes so hard to stick to, Do you have to go back for some more hypnotherapy ? I really really hope this works for you and that by doing so, you feel better,

Best wishes. Foggy x


My experience of hypnotherapy (very different to stage-type hypnotism!) would suggest that that almost anyone can benefit and actually, experience of any kind of mindfulness can actually be helpful. Was the person you saw a properly qualified and experience hypnotherapist?


Hi all, I feel remarkably calm since my first session, I'm drinking the water as he told me this will flush out some of the bad toxins that are still in my body from food I have recently eaten. I can remember him telling me to picture my heart and imagine how incredibly hard it is working to pump blood around my large body plus it is also being squeezed by the fatty deposits that are surrounding my heart.

I've had a bowl of cereal this morning that was 1/4 of the amount I usually have. I've also been for the 12 minute walk he suggested.

I have 2 more sessions over the next 2 week, the third on is when the hypnotic band is to be done.

I will keep you all updated :)


Forgot to say Lindsay that he has got 40yrs experience and has done an article in the daily mail, I would say he was in his late 60'.


Hi Pennie, I looked into this last year and very nearly went for it. The only thing that stopped me was the fact that once you've reached your target weight you brain believes that the band is no longer there and therfore the potential to put weight back on. When I can afford it I will be going down the hypnosis route but without the band,so hopefully getting to the bottom of why I over eat and deal with those issues.

Good luck with your treatment and would love to know how you get on :) x


Hi, we went through my triggers that cause me to over eat in my 1st session, I've done a lot of research into this before I started it, I need to loose over 10st so the worry about my body and mind not believing that the band is still there or not and I will worry about that when I get to that stage.

I'm going to stay positive :)


Well I hate to pee on anyone's chips but I had a hypno-band done 12 months ago and, as much as it is wonderfully relaxing and got me to free some baggage, it has done absolutely nothing for my weight!! And it cost me £250!! I had my first session, came away with a relaxation CD to listen to until my next visit, 'op' was done the week after. It was soooo weird, cos it was 'done' in the morning - starved the night before cos of anaesthetic, during the 'op' tape was playing of hospital theatre noises, I was then taken to 'recovery' then brought back to 'normality'. I did go back for a 'top up', but that still didn't work!! If I could afford it I would deffo consider a gastric bypass. Drastic, I know, but I feel it's the only thing that will stop me eating!!

Like you Pennie, I need to lose about 10 stone, but I just seem to lack willpower!!! XX


Well thanks for that sue :(


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