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It's early or is it late?

Firstly Merry Christmas everyone, especially to all our friends , partners and other halves who love us so much that they're still there for us! i hope that sentence makes sense. i don't write too much now a days but i try to read a little fibro every day. i'm so tired. i'm back down to about 2 hours a pains also. my hands get locked, i drop things alot. my elbows and sholders feel like a red hot poker is stabbing at them. i got a wheelchair about a month and a half ago. thing is with my hands, i can't push myself around anymore. blah blah blah i know we all feel like shit. i just feel extra sad today, sorry. take care everyone and be safe in the New Year!



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the easy answer to the first question is 'yes'.

sorry that things are feeling so rotten right now - the thing with fibro is that you never know there may be some moments that feel okay and perhaps they'll decide to unite and give you some peace during this season - I know I am pushing out the luck boat there but hope is the hook by which we can strive for something close to normality isn't it. Now I am blathering away but you know I have not slept - this could almost be a message from yourself but honest its not and I am lucky not to have a wheelchair yet but I do make use of those wonderful scooters in the stores. I know just what you mean about the fire in the limbs and the numb bits too. I get painful soles of my feet and at the same time palms of my hands so coming down stairs safely is a gamble but I daren't let my other half know how risky it gets or he'd never go to work!

Seriously I do wish you a good day and an even better tomorrow.



Good early morning to you both and a very merry Christmas to one and all.

All the rushing around and extra activities of the last few days has finaly taken it's toll. I crawled into bed at 11ish last night aching so much I just couldn't get comfortable, my back felt like the whole weight of body was sitting on my coxis, and that's a lot of weight, lol. No amount of pain killers helped and I'm sure I've seen every hour through the night. I gave in at 6 and got up.

I'm driving over to my daughter's later for breakfast so I can see my two year old granddaughter open her presents. Then we are off to my other daughter's for dinner, with six granchildren ranging from two to 21 it's gonna be fun and I know all I'm gonna want to do is crawl back into bed. I guess I should be grateful that I don't have to do anything other than sit and watch, Hopefully I will stay awake, why do we always have to be achy and tired when we least need it?

Hope you are all feeling better than me but I suspect a lot of you are worse. If you can enjoy a drink, it might ease the pain. For those of you, like me, alcohol intollerent, eat chocolate lol. Have an enjoyable day and hope for a better night's sleep tonight. MERRY CHRISTMAS X X


See if you can get an MRI scan of your neck straight and bendy and see if you have positional cervical cord compression (PC3). Google Dr. Andrew Holman and PC3 and you will see what I mean. 71% of people in Seattle had cord compression and when they had the MRI and treatment (its simple treatment too) most of them improved and some even felt better. Positional Cervical Cord Compression causes the cord to be 'stroked' as you move and this causes the autonomic nervous system to dysfunction, giving symptoms similar to fibromyalgai. I couldn't get MRI scans of my neck either privately or NHS in UK (they took a straight xray and told me I had nothing wrong with my neck... ugh!!!!) but when I came to Dubai I walked into a test centre paid for the tests myself - and found I have cord compression. I now have something in black and white that I can show those doubters, but I also have hope that with treatment I can get back to something like the person I used to be. Its ridiculous that this test is so elusive in UK when people who were treated would (a) feel better (b) need less medical care and medicines (c) be able to work and contribute to their society and (d) be able to offer better care to their families. Keep protesting until you get this test.


Hi everyone and a very Happy Christmas to you all.

Would just like to say that I hope each and every one of you out there have something nice to eat and are keeping warm, if you have the company of a family member or friend then that's an added bonus, if you are on your own you are in my thoughts and prayers - rest assured that there is always someone thinking about are never alone.

Lots of love on this special day.



hi Charlie sending you warm hugs and hoping you have a better day tomorrow , we understand and care xx


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