i just want to share my joy with u all coz fibro his so horrible i thought this wud cheer u up a bit,i bacame a nanna again for my sons second child Ethan James 31st jan he was 4 weeks early n still weighed 7lb 13oz ,i had my train booked to go down on 4th feb so i cud b there with them n give them some support but he had other ideas bless him ,so my eldest daughter took me down to kent that day coz i cant drive that far anymore ,i live in the midlands, i had three wonderful weeks down there with them n had some real qulity time with my grandsons Ethan James n Owen Thomas who was 3 while i was there, i was very spoilt by my son n daughter in law,im so lucky to have such a lovely daughter in law she is so easy going n let me spoil my grandsons with lots of love n cuddles ,as i cant play rough with owen we played trains , jigsaws,playdough,reading, went for nice little walks having lovely little chats along the way he is so funny, adorable n loving he says the sweetest things, i bathed him every nite n put him to bed he is such a good boy to go to bed sleeps from 7 til 7 ,Ethan is also adorable so scrummy i so enjoyed helping my daughter in law n son bathing him n they even let me have him in my room a couple of nites so they cud get some much needed sleep lol ,i so miss them but ive got my next visit planned n we skype twice a week ,Owen says NANNA I MISS YOU NANNAI LOVE YOU wen we skype , ive also got a grandson Matthew who lives near me who is 16 on march 19th n he is aslo a joy he wanted a new bike for his 16th n he said nanna can i have money for my birthday coz i want to put it towards my bike so wot did i do gave him the rest of the money he needed for his bike ,he gave me the biggest cuddle n said nanna wot wud i do without u ,.my middle child Amy who is a singer n works abroad is coming home in april n is having a year working in this country so im really looking forward to her being at home, ive got so much to b thankful for this dam FM will not beat me. soft hugs to everyone love tofty xxx

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  • What a heart warming blog!!!! Makes us realize that despite this awful fibromyalgia there are so many things worth living for. Your family, especially your grand children, sound so special and the little things in life are so precious. It is my children who provide my incentive for life -- in fact I believe that their achievements reward me for all the hard work I have put into their upbringing. I hope that you keep well enough to continue having such special times with your family. :) xx

  • How lovely congrats on your new grandson

    VG xxxx

  • Awww Toffy that is beautiful.. that is absolutely so special and so glad you had such a lovely lovely time there , well anyone with a Nanna like you should be an extremely blessed nanna and giving all you have to them with love, cuddles, time and little breaks too they will be so happy to of had you there helping out!

    they will look forward to your next visit and maybe you should keep it quiet from the kids and tell mum and dad to too so its like a suprise and see them when they see you since theres such a distance between you .

    thanks for sharing toffy that was so lovely!!! xxxx huggs xxxx

    I have very happy special memories of my nanna!

    i have not become one yet but i hope to be special too lol xx

  • that's a lovely blog, thankyou for sharing nanna toffy! :D



  • morming toffy how wonderful and I just lnow where you are coming from I have four under 5 and they bring light and life into the world and make us warm and smiley dont they glad you had a good three weeks away am bit jealous :) xgins

  • I know its a bit late Toffy but congratulations . Sithy

  • I know its a bit late Toffy but congratulations . Sithy

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