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Do you self refer for this or do you have to be referred by G,P? Does your G.P have to approve your application? What is the position when applying for a Blue Badge is that self referral also? I am becoming more and more less mobile and independent and was just wondering if others have been through these procedures ? Any help/advise would be very gratefully received,

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  • hi their as long as you have full mobility allowance from dla you can apply yourself for the blue badges you don't need a doctor to do it for you as long as you have full mobility and even if you and low care allowance like i'm on i still get a blue badge and next month is when i reapply for my next badge and you can also get the special acces badge if they do that in you area hope this help and just remembered you can download the form from the dla web site take care bigalan

  • You do not need to be on any benefits to get a blue badge. Just apply to your local council they can contact your gp if they need anymore info on your condition.It costs between £2 and £10 depends on your local council xx Good luck. ( i have gone with 3 people now who do not receive benefits and all got it) The clue badge department to a small assessment with you nothing major no need to worry then they let you know afterwards what to expector how long you would have to wait for decission.

  • hi dawn1 all i know is that you have to be on mobility high rate mobility to get the blue badge, i wonder but i can't see it being different from area to area but that's what happens here in nottinghamshire and it's free you just have to provid an up to date photo and send them in . could you let know what area your from just to see if there a difference many thanks bigalan

  • I am with Milton Keynes Council and you honestly do not need to be on benefits to get one. Each Council works differently and the costs vary as well xxxxxxx

  • hi Dawn i'm surprised at that you have to be here in Nottinghamshire, it just proves the each area are different many thanks dawn how is milton keynes today not been down the for years take care nice to have met you bigalan

  • It is wet in MK today lol xxxx

  • oops it warm but not sunny hope it improve for you dawn may i say i love that name so glad your name is dawn take care of yourself kind regards bigalan xxxxxx

  • Same here in Wales you do not need to be on benefits to apply for a blue badge, it's up to your local council

    Also remember you have to be OVER 65 to claim attendance allowance

  • In Carms. we do need to be on max mobility benefit but no charge :-)

    Even within Wales there are differences!

  • I have a family member in Dyfed with a blue badge yet he's not on any benefits, strange. 😏

  • Dyfed was a different LA and since national reorganisation of counties is three different County Councils, strange but true :-)

  • Oh right, how weird when Dyfed is in Carmarthen. Call me thick but what's. LA. Lol

  • I am often confused by abbreviations, my turn :-) Local Authority!

    Carmarthen was the County town for Dyfed but now only covers Carms.

    I would never describe you as thick :-P

  • Thanks lol. must be fybro fog. 😄

  • Hi bigalan,

    I live in Somerset, and am not on any benefits, and I applied 5yrs ago for a Blue Badge and got it. Filled in the forms, sent them away, and a lady phoned me and asked me a lot of questions like how far could I walk, and if I could manage stairs. On the form, I had to give them permission to contact my GP if necessary. Last year It was renewed to 2017.


  • hi their yes if your on benefits like DLA you can download the form from the DLA web site fill them in send them with a up to date picture well i just applied and got my blue badger which runs out next month and all i have to is fill in the form most admit their are questions to answer but if you are all ready on it you should know the answers take care bigalan

  • Thank you.

  • Hi Crackers

    For AA you need to be 65 or over and not already receiing DLA or PIP. You need form AA1A which you can obtain from the AA helpline on 0345 605 6055 which is open 8-6 M-F. If you can try and get help from the CAB or a Welfare Benefit Officer as it is quite a long one.

    Personally, I would start a log whilst you are waiting for form and from the moment you wake just record how you feel, what pain or fatigue you have, how long it takes you to get up, then washed, then dressed. What help you need with all this and everyday living and what pain and fatigue occurs and how long a certain task takes you. If you live on your own don't panic just write down all the things you find difficult. I say keep a log as when I used to fill out the form (many moons back I might add) all the people I asked to do this were aghast at how longs things took. They had gradually adjusted to their disability over the years and what might take an able bodied person 15 minutes could take them an hour and a half.

    Unlike DLA and PIP there is no mobility payment but there are two different rates of care. Mobility does come into however as they do like to know whether you find moving around the home difficult and whether you stumble and find you fall.

    If you can get your doctors support that is marvellous. They will want to know when you last visited a doctor and about hospital appts etc.

    If you look back a bit in the posts today you will see quite a discussion on Blue badges. They are now administered by your local authority so you need to contact them, the switchboard will put you through to the right people. You can self refer but of course the more your doctor can say about your condition the better.

    Good luck, fingers crossed for you.x

  • Thank you

  • If you do get AA and some one is caring for you they Can claim Invalidity care allowance depending on certain criteria.

  • Thanks, everybody. I shall look into it all now.

  • I can see that you have received loads of replies but I have just pasted you the GOV.UK cache on how to claim Attendance Allowance, so I hope this is useful for you.

    I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi I have blue badge but I had mobility at high rate. We pay £20 in Edinburgh but my sister got hers free in West Lothian, I still feel that it's worth it hugs to everyone from a rainy Edinburgh rosie x

  • Different area different rules. However when I applied for blue badge the same time as DLA I got a temporary card to cover the time the DLA was being assessed.

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