emplyement support allowance and incapacity.please read

how are the goverment getting away with taken this allowance away from us... i might have to sell my house because i would be loosing £400 a month... i am on incapacity... i heard they are taken this to.. my brother in law got his employmet support taken off him from april this year 2012.. he is loosing the same... how are we suppose to live.. we need to fight this.. please.. right to ur local councillor and no.10.com this is so sad.. why not take it from those who dont want to work. .not us who cant... they are getting away with murder.. bet the suicide rate with go up in the disabled people... this is so sad xxx

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  • oh bless you please dont give up on it just go to see your local mp and cab anybody who can help try to keep positive for a bit and seei f you can sort it out love to you diddle x

  • I can see why they made the changes, but I do agree that they do seem harsh.

    As far as I was aware with ESA they kind of wanted people with Fibro to have an accompanying condition, like Arthritis. I have NO idea why but this was what I heard, I could be wrong though.

  • If you are losing your ESA you will likely be entitled to another benefit, you can still claim income based ESA, or Income Support. The reason your ESA is ending is nothing to do with having FMS, it is because anyone who has had contribution based ESA for more than a year will lose it no matter what condition they have.

  • I totally agree! My initial diagnosis 2 years ago was EITHER Fibro or muscular rheumatism, so now even tho Fibro has been decided the other condition remains on my 'title' for my condition remains as muscular rheumatism. Which for some reason is less than sympathetically looked on :( I asked my new GP "WHATEVER IT IS IT HURTS!!"

  • my friend has just lost hers but the druggies and alchys still get theres!!

  • YES MAKES ME SO ANGRY THAT, PRIME EXAMPLE.. I was in the job center a while ago because they had left me 4 weeks without money because they said I didn't submit a med form, which I did! the daft sods looked at the wrong date and said I will get my money in 3 days! meanwhile, the p*** heads ect.. walked into the back room and came out with a cheque! well you can imagine my language! Did it make a difference NO in the meantime, these people had the ordasity to spend their cheques on booze and sit on the bench opposite the job center and drink themselves into a stupor n annoy the general public!

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