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very embarrassing!

i have had a new boiler and of course chatting to the fitters.I had to move away and stop chatting i had fibro fog like never before.I think they thought i was some sort of senile woman.My mind went blank half way through conversation,if i knew i had problems on that day i wouldn't have tried to converse,i felt my colour come up ,i was burning ,i could tell they were baffled by it,and the worse i got,I could literally scream.I don't claim to being clever but i used to be able to hold conversation with anyone,i've lost all that,i was even in charge of people when i was at work,i feel totally out of all that..My skin has changed i've put weight on i am just so less than half the person i was,i'm reluctant to go out if i think i will bump into someone from work or people that just know me,especially when one says can you remember a certain time,i just pretend i can but i can't.sometimes if i get up from my chair to do something, i just stand there i can't remember what i got up for eventually i do,i think i can share this with a lot of people on this site.jacksiex

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It's so embarrassing, Jacksie - I do sympathise. I have had many similar experiences with fibro-fog, and I'll tell you about them - when I remember!

My main problem is forgetting the names of people and objects "Has wossername had that thingy done yet?" is my constant refrain.

Ah well - just forget to be embarrassed!

Moffy x


So this week on Monday afternoon I checked the time for my appt at the drs Tuesday ... It was Monday I had missed it... Had to phone and apologise... Got the snotty receptionist who is secretly a dragon and a member of the Spanish Inquisition..... On Tuesday I phoned the piano tuner to see why he hadnt turned up and it is next month he is coming and on weds I phoned my friend... I have the coffee the cakes where are you??? It's tomorrow she said.....

So you are not alone ......

Ps I had a nice chat yesterday with my friend on the right day



I had to chuckle then at your first line,but it's exactly as you've put it.I even said to my doctor about my skin,i said it felt like sawdust instead of sandpaper,trying to describe the feel of it.I didn't realise till walking out of his room,i wandered why he raised his eye brows.jacksiex.


oh no! i cant believe it iv'e missed my physio 10 30,oh no i hate missing appts,can't believe that i'll phone and apologise now.jacksiex.


Done, very nice about it but i confess, i did lie as to why i couldn't make it rather than say i forgot,have you lied why you missed appts,i don't like lying but it's better than saying i forgot,do you another date so ok,it's not doing any good any way but as they say every bit helps.jacksiex


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