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Hi everyone, I don't normally write many posts I just read others.. Some people have been lucky and unfortunately some not.. I applied for pip in June last year and was refused by 2 points. I should have taken advice and appealed the decision but the lead up to it took so much out of me I just didn't have anything left to fight with emotionally. I applied for esa and had to go through all the stress again but I got through it and was awarded esa and put in the support group. I've now reaplied for pip and I have my assessment tomorrow and I feel like I've been on an emotional rollercoaster since this time last year when I had to give up work. As I remember it was the same questions for esa as it was for pip so I cannot understand why they have to put people thought all this emotional stressful mental torture twice.. I'm so down at the moment with all this, they're days when I could just give up.. Sorry for the long rant but I just needed to get it out. Wish it was this time tomorrow xx

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Think its different esa as they dont ask you if you can lift a box with pip..

So its more straight forward with pip..i found it okay...but esa is harder...so i think you will be fine hun ...just tell them how you cope...with or without help...im taking my carer with me tom got esa assess early in morn...im dread it i got pip both componants....good luck

Thanks for your reply.. I do hope things go in my favor this time. I'm taking my husband with me as I get lost in words and easily confused. Couldn't do it on my own.. Hope all goes well for you tomorrow too. Take care xx

Yes take hubby as you need someone as my carer spoke up for me...but be aware dont tell them you catch buses...as they will say you can do most things than...as i had this happen as i always got carer with me and i lost points...be honest about your condition..and if in pain dont do exercises has they dont force the issue...be yourself you will be fine...just answer carefully...take meds aswell as the write them all down...good luckxx

Whats esa like ...similar did they make you do exercises....or was it ok..was it atos or maximus..im dreading it my fifth attempt kept cancelling beforexx

Hi dawniee, esa was very much the same as pip they did ask me to do some movements but I refused as it causes too much pain.. She was very understanding of my condition. I'm not sure but I think it was atos.. I know how you feel so I sympathize.. I just keep telling myself it will soon be over.. Good luck xx

Thanks hun xxx its big day for both of us i be thinking of youxxx

ESA they play minds games with you in that Ist.They will shake your hand if it is a firm grip maybe you not all that sick.

2nd They will ask about your favourite programme and engage you in what is happening in that programme and if you answer in the positive to them it proves you are capable of following plots, storylines, etc etc so to them you are "compus mentas" They will also ask you the same questions 3 times over to see if they can catch you out with your replies. I was also asked to bend down to the floor. I walk with a stick and very slowly but after a fashion I managed to bend down but had huge problems getting back up. They then asked me to climb on to the examination table I said I was unable as the table was too high so they got me a set of steps. I also had huge problems getting on to and off the table.

I was asked 4 time if I knew where I was I had wrote it down so referred to my notes.

Ohh dear i had none of that no exercises or questions with tv i was so luckyx

Yes you were I guess it is the luck of the draw as to who you get I got "Dr death"

Thank you....i appreciate your coment..i guess it must have been a good doctor...as i know ive heard terrible stories..mind you could be a no to get rid of me quick whi knowsxxxyou can never teii with these peoplexx

Thanks I've got my repeat prescription but should I take all my meds aswel. xx

Yes please do as they are very interested in your meds they read all my boxes thoroughly...good luck angel hope it works well for youxxx

Hi spirit, I understand what you mean a bouts benefits, I to have felt the sme but just keep telling your self that once it's all sorted , you'll have that huge weight lifted from you and you will start to feel much better, and you. Can be high spirited once again.

All the best ,thing positive and life will fall in to place .


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spiritof25 in reply to Kitza

Thanks kitza, it's nice to know that there's others out there with the same feelings even though I don't wish it on anybody.. my husband's always telling me not to worry but that's easy said than done xx

Yep ,i agree , with you , but keep telling yourself that mentally your strong and you can achieve what's needed of you , lots of good breathing exercising and you'll soon be feeling in control,

Good luck


I'm not real familiar with the system in UK but I wish you the very best. I would just be honest but always think how BAD some days can be.Be blessed.Peck ❤❤❤

Hi good luck remember it's your worst day , your talking about tomorrow, I hope you have got support someone with you ! Please let us know how you get on ,

Please don't say you can shop on a good day as you can't , remember you can't shut the bathroom door on a bad day ! Everything is about bad days not the ones where you cope and can do for yourself , I failed my first pip tribrunal I applied straight away for pip the very next week ,I have still not got over the stress claming pip has caused me ! I wish you well !

Big gentle hugs

Chris xx

Good luck 🍀

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your assessment for tomorrow. I sincerely hope that you achieve a good award.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x :)

Hope all goes well for u walk slow in and out they watch u and have it measures take ur time and don't be passed mine wasn't much better ended up in tears she wouldn't let my husband talk I await results

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