Last month or the month before (can't quite remember) I was sent my DLA renewal form. My husband filled it in and we posted it off. I always dread waiting for things like this especially from the DWP as it can a nightmarish process. Anyway we got the standard letter earlier this week to say that they had received our form. So at this point I was happy to know that they had received, unhappy because I know how awful the people can be there, scared because I was unsure of what was going to happen and just generally quite fed up as I hate the whole process and the way it makes me feel.

So anyway, came in from the doctors this morning and on the doormat was a brown envelope. My husband opened it and started reading it and then he smiled. I was like what does it say. They have awarded me higher rate mobility and care and for an indefinite period. Oh what relief!! I don't want to be disabled forever, but while I am ill at least I now have the security of not having to worry any more. No more worrying about renewal forms, no more worrying about when my claim runs out, just generally no more worrying.

The experience I've had with the not so lovely people at the DWP has been an absolute nightmare, but I am so thankful to all of my friends, my family and everyone on here. I know that if I have a question or need support I can count on everyone here. I'm really lucky that I have a GP who listens to me and supports me. I keep my fingers crossed that more and more of you receive the good news that I've been given today. It's been a long hard battle. I've had appeals, tribunals, forms returned, forms filled in that have been lost, I've faced the dreaded people at ATOS and won, and now I've faced the dreaded people at DWP.

All I can say to everyone here who is going through a similar process, stay strong and stay positive as much as you can. Keep copies and notes of everything. Don't give up!! If your form gets sent back to you without an award, appeal, if you then have to go to a tribunal go. The DWP count on people not fighting. When we send our forms over to them its basically one person sitting at a desk looking at the form and basically going yes or no. They don't count on us appealing and that's what we have to do.

Good Luck everyone, much love and of course gentle fibro hugs to you all.

Kim (babebatista) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  • Always nice to hear good news

    VG x

  • Hi VG, thank you so much xxx

  • It's good to finish the day off hearing some cheery news for a wee change. Relief all round. Hope you and your husband have a lovely weekend ahead.


  • Ahhh thank you Evey, same you lovely xx

  • That's great news do you ken that in 2015 sept time people on Dla will be asked to apply for PIP as DLA stops for anyone under pension age you will have to re apply but at least you are ok till then sorry to inform you of this

  • Thank Fermerwill, Yes I did read a letter that they sent me about the PIP but I never can understand it, so my hubbie sorts it all out but hey if I don't need to worry until 2015 then that's a bonus. Thanks :) xx

  • Excellent news.

  • Hi Jillylin, thank you so much :) xx

  • Well done hun! Goin thru dwp 365 day rule rubbish at mo so hearing good news is good. Like you my dla is ok until 2015. I am hoping on hope that by then all this nonsense will be sorted!xx

  • Hi Snowbell,

    Thank you so much. Yes I'm hoping also like you that its all sorted by 2015. xxx

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