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help with doctor and medications

i have come back from the doctors "livid" for quite some time i have been telling my G P about the pain in my nexk and shoulder the x ray proved deterioration in the discs.

ki have been back to see him today as he told me to make an appointment ref my current medications. i explained to him the shouler is very painful and i am awake every hour with it.

he said he could do nothing else as i am on the highest levels of medication for my O/A and he said the chances the fibro is what the pain is. i told him i had been to the assesment with physio and then could not go back on the second appointment as my neck was too painful he said i must just fight through it as physio is very important - i have also been referred to phycology and my 1st appt is in 6 weeks so i said - "my pain is real and it is now and not in 6 weeks i need help" i was fuming. i am also on an 8 week fibro course at the hospital he just annoyed me so much trying to make out the pain was in my head - IT IS HERE AND NOW IN MY SHOULDER. i wak up in a morning as though i have done 10 rounds, this week i have appointments on 4 days - i am shattered, i want someone to back me up and not make me feel bad. i am currently on 80 mg of morphine a day 2700mg of gabapentin 200mg of tramadol and he has just upped my amitryptoline to 2 tablets at night and i have to take between 4 and 8 paracetamo; a day along with citalopram - GRUMPY TONIGHT

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Goodness how on earth are you coping you poor thing!!! That Dr needs a good dose of your pain then see if he responds more quickly! Well done for sticking up for yourself I know I find that so hard and often leave appointments dissatisfied as I couldn't be firmer.Switch Drs if he isn't doing his job properly.I travel to the other side of town to my Dr as she is so good.Hope you get your pain sorted soon.x


i feel as i am going from pillar to post at the moment and if no-one is standing up for you then you have to stand up for yourself. i cannot understand his comment as since february when all this started he has been fantastic but sometimes you have to say it as it is or you will be fobbed off.

thanks for your comment


poor you, I think it was just a clumsy way of saying that the pain is caused by the brain misreading signals & sending pain, no, ignore that, I know what I mean, maybe the doctor had the same problem. It's so difficult to explain or understand. It is a very real pain & can be very debilitating. I've also been told the same thing - we're supposed to be reassured, but it doesn't work! Thats why so many people dismiss fibro 'cos they have heard 'it's all in the head' Grrrrrrrr


thanks for that and i hope your pain is not too bad at the moment

take care


Doctors are so clumsy. Maybe he is trying to reassure you in a lopsided way by saying the actual damage that you have is nowhere near as bad as the pain you are feeling.

So your pain is of two types; firstly from the actual damage to your discs and neck and secondly the pain which (as an ex- computer bod) I would call "virtual pain" that comes from Fibromyalgia, it is every bit as real and painful (and we are most definately not imagining it) but thankfully it does not actually signify further actual lasting damage.

I think the fact that your doctor prescribes such an array of drugs to you already is a sign he takes you seriously. Maybe you could ask about any other therapy available and if there is any milage to be gained (in terms of diagnosis or reassurance) in you having a CAT scan on your shoulder.

((((( lots of very gentle hugs )))))

Julie xx


many thanks for giving me an alternative thought on my doctors comments.

hugs also to you Julie

hugs also to you

belinda x


I can so relate with you,i too suffer very serious pain in my head and neck.I am back at the docs Thursday as i am really struggling at times i find it hard to hold my head up,my shoulders are also giving me trouble too,lets hope we can both get the right meds and help we need.

soft gentle hugs

keep positive



hope you go well at the doctors

thanks for your assurances


Belinda x


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