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I came to this morning and as always took a long time to get up and going. It being the ascribed big bin day, having dragged it and me down, about 500 yards yesterday, then this morning I have to go and get it back, my body was screaming no and I ignored it, being helpful a brought back my meighbours too. Now I am in such pain and exhausted beyond belief. It's only 3.00 and I am going to have to go back to bed, only been up for four hours. I hate the way that fibro can sap you of everything

Snorringly. Foggy x

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Aww foggy .... Have you applied to the council for assisted collection where you can get the council to collect your bin and bring it back for you ... I know it applies in ordinary streets not sure if it applies to houses some distance away from the main road ..but it should do ... 500 yards sounds horrendous and with a full bin..... Please check on your local council website or ring them and see if they offer it....

VG x


No, they won't do it as the house is too far from the road, I did ask them on more than one occasion and they say its too far back. I think things 'ere in rural Devon aren't quite as together as they are in towns . Sometimes my other neighbour will do it, which is so kind, but my landlady never does hers.......she's too lazy by far, so hers is always done by someone else. It sounds so stupid for this to have effected me the way it has, sometimes I can do it without too much of a problem, but today no. Maybe I've just overdone things and am reeping the rewards.......why can't I get my hed round pacing.......if I have the energy I do too much, knowingly and then end up in a heap. Hey ho I mustn't complain, people are far worse off than me, so I won't complain, I will metaphorically bash myself over the head for overdoing things,

Still Snorringly Foggy x


Hi Foggy

from what i read this is so very unfair for you!!!

i know a lot of customers of my own who struggle and their neighbours help put out bins but whats so annoying is the days when they used to come in your garden and get the bins andnow its if you do not put them out you dont get emptied! yet their pay is no different and they are having their work made so easy for them and now even easier with all the different coloured bins!!

my brother in laws work on the bins (well my hubbys step brothers do 3 of them) they get good money too and its all done for them as we put them out either night before or on morning and you do have to be quick! as they can arrive 7 am in the morning to do it even at wken but even now thats changed to make their lives easier by ours is now Friday instead of saturday (i am thankful as our lay in on satdy from working wk) always waked us up and then your awake and a long day ahead.

Bins can be put outside as far as am aware or can come in your garden if the council know who is unfit to do so as theri is so so many lonely ppl living alone who are unable to manage, so not sure exactly the system which i do apologise as we dont see our family so much as all so busy busy.

i have just looked online , however as not knowing your area some areas are slightly different but those who are classed as 'disabled' are entitled to help assisted bin collection .

so i would keep on at them and say look the bins will grow trees in them that you will be recycling if you cannot collect from my garden as its not as if every house in area is doing the same it does not hurt to walk that extra few yards to HELP!!

big hugs and keep pushing ..i would love to help some how if i knew more of you xxxxx

caroline xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Thank you so much Caroline, your post made me think long and hard. I think of the problem is that they would never b able to get their lorry down the narrow drive to the three houses here, it is walled on both sides and has been the cause of many a bump on cars whose drivers aren't aware enough of the width of the vehicles. Also the two other people are able, well not my landlady, she's lazy in the extreme so the other neighbour does it for her, strangely even when the landlady has her weekend man there (won't go there, it's too ghastly) if he stays until Tuesday, he doesn't put the bins out before he leaves .....bizarre ! So I think they just write me off with the others and as I nearly always struggle but manage to get it down there, sometimes my nice neighbour helps and others occasionally . I. I'll be giving the council a call though, just to give them a niggle, I think. F they not hear from you they assume you have miraculously become completely able .

Thanks so much for all your really good advice.

Gentle hugs, Foggy x


Is there a man who could do the call for you? I have phoned before about my recycling which although I am registered disabled with the council was not collected for several months. I kept complaining every couple of months to no avail. The minute my ex got involved they were almost straight round and a day or so later you wouldn't have known I had had so much stuff there.


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