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Following another night of pain and little sleep, I went off to gp, he upped pregabapentin and signed me off work until 6th January, I have already been off five weeks so this is the longest I have been off work in 30 years. Came out to find car blocked in car park tried to manoeuvre (badly I was in hubbies car) only to shouted at by a big aggressive man, I could have cried. Good to know the Christmas spirit is alive and well!,

I am going to snuggle up on the settee and stay out of trouble.


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Sending you a huge warm hug,it's horrible when your shouted at,stays with you for a while. Horrid man! I agree stay on sofa and wrap up warm,always works for me! Xxx


I was a bit shocked actually not what I am used to for sure.


Stay in and get warm and cosy,relax and don't give that idiot man a second thought. :)


Hello there Maggie, so sorry to hear you have been having a hard time.

Could you clarify the name of your medication please, do you mean Pregabalin or Gabapentin? We are not familiar with the name Pregabapentin.

This is to avoid any possible confusion over medication names, we naturally have to be careful about this.

Thank you so much Maggie.

Best wishes.




I was on prevailing for a year they were really good ( also used for epilepsy ) had to stop due to 4stone weight gain and had to stop and went on duloxitine which is not as good, still trying to lose the weight hehe x


Pregabalin, sorry to cause any confusion!

Hope I don't put on weight I lost two stone last year and would hate to put it all back on, on the other hand if it starts working and I finally get some pain relief it might be worth it, I am really fed up with this flare up now.


I had an episode where my balance was totally messed up and I had a guy in my face accusing me of being a disgusting 8.20am. So I know how you felt at being yelled at by a stranger. I hope you warm up and stay out of harms way xxxxx


Thanks - some people are just mean aren't they, hope your balance is ok now.


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