Colllapsed and useless

Not such a good day today, my hands arms hips and feet legs and toes painfull today, and my Husband collapses in my hallway, crashed to the floor and I have stone floors, I felt so damn useless but it was lucky my daughter was here to help him, we finally got him to come around and I was near to collapsing my self, we all no the pain in standing too long and trying to do things. ! he is finally asleep, this caring business with fibromyalgia stinks.

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  • Hi wishing you all a speedy recovery.

    It is times such as this that we are truly thankfull for the care and understanding of our family and friends

  • Oh dear, I hope your husband is ok, do you know what caused it?

    Don't forget to look after yourself as well

    Gentle hugs


  • So sorry to hear that, hope you are both ok, take care

  • Hi Really Hope Your Husband Recovers & You Also Need to Take Care. Big Hugs. Jan. XXX

  • Thank you I have written another post to let everyone know he is ok this morning. Too many to answer.xxxx

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I sincerely hope that he recovers soon. Do you know why he collapsed? Please take care of yourself as well.

    All my hopes and dreams for the both of you


  • Oh my is he alright? Are you alright? Thank goodness your daughter was there! Please take care!!!

  • I hope you are all doing better now and it is nothing too serious for your hubby :)

  • Hi, sorry to hear about your husband's fall, thank goodness your daughter was there to help you, I hope that the both of you are not to shaken up and now feeling abit more settled, I'm told a cup of tea works wonders, I don't like it, in these circumstances. Once again I hope that everything is alright. Best wishes

  • Hugs to you both.


  • Hello Blue52,,,,,SSAo sorry to hear of your husband's collapse,,,,and your distress at not being able to help...thank goodness for your daughter, being there,,,,,, does your husband have a condition that would cause him to fall so heavily?,,,,,I hope everybody has been checked out by the doctor or hospital to ensure no damage was done to anybody,,,,,,take care and go slowly,,you will still get there,,,,ttfn from Karen.

  • Hi Scouser58, I use to have this with him a lot before the transplant, especially when he cam off of Dialysis, which was normally a Hypo, but since the Transplant he seemed fine, the Doc said exhausted yesterday and his body told him to sit down lol and he didn't so it put him down, I am hoping this isn't a med problem again, as he will have to take Meds for the rest of his life, or for how ever long the kidney last. On a brighter side we are both feeling much happier today, and I am determined to have a laugh today, and chill.

    Hope you are as well as can be expected, take care

    Luv Tracey.x

  • Hello Blue52, so glad to hear things are looking brighter,,,and now he knows when the body says sit,,,he will sit,,,,,the doc is wish to say what he did,,,,and I hope he is not going to haver more treatment,,,,,,rest is the many splendored thing,,,, so glad you both are feeling much better and happier,,,and laugh is the medication of the day,,,it's too cold to chill,,,,,,take it easy,,,,,ttfn from Karen.

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