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ESA - should I be worried?

After 6 cancelled assessments between September and January, I finally had my assessment nearly 4 weeks ago.

I haven't heard anything since.

On here it seems that it takes most people only a few weeks before they hear the outcome.

Their excuses to cancelling were that they were waiting to hear from my GP - but he hasn't heard from them at all.

Should I be concerned????

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Hello Lindz, I think it sounds to me just about up to par for the inefficiency of ATOS, goodness only knows why they were chosen to do this task, thy haven proven time and time again to be completely inept (in my humble opinion) and I think you are just experiencing that. I don't really think you should be overly concerned, ( please put me right if I'm wrong ) but if you haven't hear in another few weeks perhaps contact either your jobcentre or the DWP.

Foggy x


i waited 8 weeks before i got an answer from dwp about my benefit and now i have been told that i have go on a course because my esa is run out as you only get it for 12 months.. i don,t what is in store for me. but i have to go to the job centre on thursday for a talk about work related courses that they want to put me on. i have incontinance,arthritis,fibromyoligia, but they don,t care..they said the goverment wants people off benefits and into home as been adapted for me but it does not matter to this cameron.


I waited 10 weeks. But I just filled out forms didn't hear a word then letter through the door. So I think longer they take the better chance your in.


i first had my esa form to change from IB last august i had to re arrange some ATOS appointments due to other appointments with doctors etc, its still ongoing, im now trying to get a home visit as my severe osteoarthritis doesnt let me go out to get to where the medical centre is its 15 mile each way ,im not able to travel now with such pain i carnt sit for long, so that is my fight at the moment, it is such a long drawn out thing it would have been better for the DWP to consult with patients doctors making the process much quicker and smoother, less stress on the claimant too ive been on IB for 23 years! what a huge stress its causing me after all this time.


Hi, I've just read the comment from minxymare & I'm worried about my ESA being stopped, as I didn't realise you could only have it for 12 months. I'm in the support group & wondered if that makes a difference? What benefit would I be able to get if I had my ESA stopped? I really can't work, as I can barely walk, fall over a lot & suffer with fibrofog every single day, to name but a few! Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot, Dovetail x


My apologies to minxymare, it was actually the comment from sylviajones that my comment relates to :-))


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