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Esa appeal rehearing

Hi Everyone.

It has been a very long time since I wrote on here. But I have been reading all the posts on here which gave me a bit of hope. I went to my appeal on Wednesday after appeal the desicion the tribunal made in January telling me I was fit for work. I was at the one on Wednesday for an 90 was excruciating! The pain was too much, the questions were too much which is why I ended up in tears which is when I said I want to go home when they asked me if I want a break. I told them I need to rest. Anyway yesterday I heard the post man. The anxiety made me almost faint. About 20 mins later I went and got the post, open the dreaded Brown envelop and seen appeal allowed. I screamed out 'yes' in my hallway...sure everyone heard lol. Anyway the have put me in the work retaliated group and said I should be assessed within 18 months. Even though it's not the support group I'm not going to complain as I have been fighting the desicion the dwp made of 0 points for the last 14 months I really don't have the strength to now to appeal for the support group. I'm just glad somebody at that tribunal was listening. They actual said they relied mainly on the evidence from my social worker.

Hope everyone is well and u all have a great weekend

Misstitch xxxxxx

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Sorry people there are a few mistakes in my blog. Meant to say work related group. It's these damn splints I'm wearing for my wrist.


Hello misstitch, was so pleased to read your good news I'm waiting for a reply to my Esa 50 I sent in at the end of May! I noticed you had put that you have a support worker! Do everyone have one? And how do you get one? Thanks Aisha x


Hi Aisha

Thank you. Funny my name is Aisha too. Anyway my social worker was found through adult social services who come to your home and assess your needs. I then gave the tribunal the assessment report amongst other things.

Good luck with your esa application.

Misstitch xx


Thank you for replying I will get in touch with the people you mentioned and go from there.... Love Aisha xx


No problem. Hope you get what you need.



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