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Should I get a Flu Shot?

Hello everyone. I live in the US, (Texas) and I have heard that the flu is getting bad over here. My question is should I get a flu shot? Will it cause me to feel worse along with my Fibro symptoms? I've also heard that they are a waste of time because this years virus has mutated from last years and they shots don't do any good.

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Hi there Mark, i have been getting the flu jab for quite a few years now and have not had any flu or an increase in any symptoms as a result of the jab. I would definately say go for it, as getting any other serious illness at this time of year takes ages to get over and leaves you even more drained than usual ,even though you would think thats not possible.


Hi Mark, I think they bring out new vaccines each year, to keep ahead of whatever strain is going around. If it isn't too expensive over there, then I would definitely go for it. I had my vaccination about 6 weeks ago and didn't have any bad reaction at all.

Go for it, and good luck :-)

Foggy x


Agreed. The Flu virus mutates regularly and last year's inoculation won't work for any new versions. It may still cover you for old ones. I assume that updates are as true over there as here. The UK generally gets vaccinated the current flu and maybe the latest bird flu as well. Some of us get free jabs because of other illnesses and in my local store it's £9 a shot ($14 or so?) The point here is if you're already vulnerable then it is a very good idea as flu can be fatal if your resistance and immune system is already low. However good your medical insurance is, prevention is better than cure. Don't wish to worry you :)

I suffer badly from painful joints in winter, and indeed most of the rest of the year, so flu on top of that is crippling agony.

Oh, and the virus used is dead so can't give it to you. If you get flu within a few weeks, you already had it and it was incubating.

If our National Health Service thinks its so good they offer it free for some, then it most likely IS a good idea.


Hi there, what the others have said is completely correct. each and every year they amend the vaccination so it will inhibit the flu. I have a jab every year and I have never come down with the flu.

Take care



I have a flu shot every year with no impact on my FM. However I have had flu & it is something I never want to repeat. As to the strain Im afraid I dont know


yes yes yes :)


It seems everyone is in agreement. Now I hope I don't run into someone with the flu when I go to get a flu shot. Thanks everyone.


I am going to be the odd one out, I have again turned down my flu jab. 3yrs ago I had only minor symptoms of fibro untill I had my regular flu jab ,the same as every year. 24hrs later instead of just a sore arm I was hit by elctric shock like pains that took 8or 9 months to ease to a bareable level and my fibro symptoms are now much worse. I feel able to take the risk of because I never get colds or viruses it has been 6yrs since I had a cold. But I do recommend to any who has never had any problems with the jab especially those who pick up every thing going, to get the jab.I have no proof that it was the jab that caused it. but I am too scared to risk it sue


Morning Mark, I get the jab and have had o flu and very reduced cold symptoms as well. I wouls strongly surggest you get vaccinated. Surely it is better than incurring the flue blast


Hi Mark. For myself, the flu jab has been great! I only usually get a sore arm after the jab, but last time I had a few flu - like symptoms. A few Christmases ago my daughter had swine flu, but I was fine, becos the flu serum contains the swine flu serum!! XX


Hi Mark

I would recommend having the injection.

I've had the flu jab for many years as has my 14 year old, we've never had any problems. My mother in law however had an itchy lump on her arm around where the injection was for a few weeks. She took anti-histamine and was fine. She is VERY sensitive to lots of med's though. You should be asked about allergies before you get it.

Good luck with it.

Where in Texas are you? We visited friends there last year and had a great time.

Is x


I have been getting a flu shot since I was 44 and I am now nearly 70. It started because I had been very ill, then my husband became very very ill and I needed one so I could keep going and look after him. After 40 years, or so I have been told, I was told my health problem was Fibro. Very nice to have a name for it and I still continue to have a flu jab, so go for it. Some people say it gives them flu but that is not true, it may give you a cold. I have had flu and believe me I never want it again, 14 days in bed on my back.


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