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Should I be worried?

Hi, I don't know if I should be worried or not but from time to time I get a strange sensation over the right side of my face. It's hard to put into words what it feels like. First it begins to feel cold and then it's like a shiver going down that side of my face followed with a sort of pins and needles . Then it goes away.

It happens about twice a week or so and always on the right hand side of my face and nowhere else.

Thanks for reading, soft hugs to everyone


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Hi Caroline, sounds somewhat like what I get with Trigeminal Neuralgia. My dentist & doctor said that if you have probs like that then it 's the Trigeminal Nerve. Do you lean on the right side of your face at all? I do, when I'm resting while sitting watching tv, I often put my elbow on the arm of my chair & then rest my head on my hand. I sometimes wake up with the feeling that I've pressed on that nerve - kinda like when you get pins & needles in your arm for example. Worth getting it checked out by your doctor, or your dentist.


Julie xxx :-)


Thank you so much for the answer , I just admit I have slept on my right side since day dot. I will talk to the doctor next time I see him but I am now sure it's nothing to worry about. You have put my mind to rest

Hope you are having a good pain free day

Soft hugs Caroline


hi ive been having tingling down the right side of my face and a twitching right eye its not all the ime but it is increasing ive just had blood test done at the dr's and will get the results later , but its worth talking to your dr to get it checked . hope you get t sorted soon if its any help i can let you know how it goes . xx diane


Hi Diane , that would be really great if you could let me know how you get on with the doctor as I am sure what ever your doctor comes up with will be the same as what is wrong with me. Look forward to hearing from you

Soft hugs

Caroline xx


Hi Caroline,

Have you made an appointment yet to see your Doc, I do hope so allways better to have these things checked out then you can put your mind to rest a every one keeps telling you. Do take care xxgins Let us know how you get on please?


Hi, yes I have got an appointment with my actual brilliant GP who is really great and My appointment is for Wednesday afternoon and I will check with him about the pins and needles ion my face. I am sure it's nothing but you are right it's better to get it checked out. It's so difficult to work out if new symptoms mean anything or are just me getting old. I am glad I am getting to see him as although my pain is not so bad today, last night the amount of pain was off the scale. Every bit of me was in pain, down to the joints in my fingers and even after morphine had me in tears,


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