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The dreaded change from incapacity benefit to ESA

Hi, I'm new to the site, my background is - been diagnosed for 15 years with fibromyalgia in addition have tendinitis in both elbows recently been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, I have been on incapacity benefit for around 15 years and new at some point would have to make the change, at the beginning of the year I received the esa50 form I took advice from the CSA to fill in the form and this morning I received the news I am 'invited' for the medical, I feel anxious nervous and sick at the news and even though its only been a few hours am getting into a state - does anyone have help or advice?

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Hi i did it last year an failed i also failed my DLA all within 3 weeks I'm now in apeal witch they r dragging out till september because then I'm put of contribution, as thats what I'm on Contribution biased esa .

Im telling you this as i know how you feel i was that nerves the day i went i was sick on the floor they still failed me :( but i have hope I'm being helped by an charity bit like cab but only deals with this kind of thing & with there help I'm as i say appealing .

Ive bean told to do a day to day diary with everything in it meds feeling the lot mainly my bad days !!! An when i go to the appeal take at least one person with me right into the room , only to answers there questions directly i.e can you drive - yes but i don't cus its to painful for me .

An to ask for a copy of the meeting a soon as i get there not after as they fob you of after . Try an stick to your worse days without elaborating & most of all not to feel guilty your ill you know your ill who would put there selves through all this if they weren't ? No one !

Be humble polite but stick to the point an never apologise , unles like me your sick on there floor lol

There is a lot of other things like get a letter of your doctor / Specialist's stating your problems an meds she also told me to go to me gp with every little thing i had were as i to used to Wait till id got lots of things or couldn't stand it anymore then go an expect him to wade through it all ,. They need it on record that you need help from your gp .

The CAB should help you with all this a swell fingers crossed an a few nerves on the day wont go amiss .

Good luck an i hope all goes well for you xxx


Awww thank you so much for the advice - listening to what other people have said I am already planning my appeal! Gentle hugs x


Hi, I have my medical assessment at 4pm tomorrow and not to put to finer point on it. I am a wreck just thinking about it. I suffer with Fibro, osteoarthritis, depression, high blood pressure and a panic disorder. I would definitely not be putting myself through this if I was able to work. Would appreciate some advice if its not too late.

Thanks x


Awww I wish you luck x my head is in a muddle trying to take in a lot of information x gentle hugs x


i have my medical assessment tomorrow morning at 10.45 dreading it makes me feel like i'm begging....X


I really hope all went well for you this morning and that you get the result you need. xxxx


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