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ESA Appeal

Well appealed the ESA decision and got a letter today saying they have received this. Also that my payments will reduce to 67.50 per week until they reach a decision!!!!

How am I supposed to live on that??

I have been on Incapacity Benefit for 3 years! I am at my wits end, I am even looking at jobs even though I know I can't work. Would I manage 2 days a week??? Maybe 3??

Should I try going back to work? What if I can't cope? Allthough I am only on paracetamol and ibuprofen now..... I believe it's because I restrict everything I do.

Don't know what replies (if any), I expect from you..... but do any of you feel the same? Or have been here in the past?

Ruth xx

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Hi Ruth, I've been there got the T-shirt. The only thing I can say is 'hang in there' as this is exactly what they want, you to try and go back to work. Please believe me when I say I've been there, I have.

Try your best to stay strong it will pan out for the best.

lots of gentle hugs to you

SusanY xxx


Thanks Susan



there doing this to everyone... i am on incapacity to, not had a letter yet but brother in law has... they are stopping his from end of april... i think this is a disgrace.... we all need to fight this.. who do they think they are....i would love to work...but i honestly cant xx


hi ruth hang in there hun been there just won my tribunel this week and that will bee £28 15 a week as my husband is at work but hay anythink beter than nowt . but we were living on £100 per week for 2 years , so now how you feel try to keep your chin up . and they are trying everythink they can to grind us down . hand on hun it will get better it has to bestrong and sofft hugs from me :) you will get there and if you not good then don't go to work you will just make your self worse and that is what you don't whant . so please be strong and hang on


Hi Ruth, this happened to me back last year but I stuck it out, won my appeal and got the money backdated. I tried going back to work several time for various days/hours but each time I had a relapse and when that happens it takes longer to drag yourself back to some kind of normality.If you say you are looking for a job they will jump on this straight away so if you can hang on for your appeal try and do so.

I think you are right that you are better for pacing yourself though and thats why you can survive with painkillers that are not so strong and thats how you want to try and keep things really. If you get too stressed over things that is likely to make you feel worse too. Its a fine balance I know.

Anyway, take care and make the best decision for you. Love Angela x


please keep your chin up. don't try to find a job as it will count against you badly.


oh dear that is a worry even though you would get it back paid its not getting it now and i would be worried like you my budget is tight to say the least and to lose any money is hard but ther is nothing we can do jus hope that your appeal is successful love to you diddle x


I understand exactly how you feel, I was turned down also on appeal, I've got my tribunal date and even if they over-rule and I'm granted the ESA I will have payment stopped at the end of April because I;ve been on it for over a year. It's a total joke, my husband took early retirement to help me so we are actually surviving on a shoe-string.

I also thought about work but who would employ me, when I fall asleep (in mid-sentence and whilst eating just a couple of examples) through totally exhaustion and constant pain

Don't give up, keep fighting.....we all need to

take care and soft hugs x


Feeling your pain, I am in the same position, Got the call on Thursday, so Happy Easter to me! Last time I made myself much worse with the stress of it all, this time I am determined that they will not drag me down, so try and keep your mind occupied with positive things, not easy I know, but after crying for 2 days that is what I have decided to do. Thinking of you. X


Thanks peeps.

You are all saying things I am saying to myself. Before leaving work 3 years ago my employer (local council), tried redeploying me to different posts including less hours and although I only worked 2 days a week latterly, I slept for 3 days after!!! That's no life and I'll never forget it.

Just the thought of having to cope with a job makes me stressed, tired and depressed! Staying strong for my daughter as she can always tell when I'm relapsing.

I'll keep you informed.

I think my mistake at the interview was saying 'on a good day - I can do this or that'. Thing is these 'good days' are few and far between!

On really bad days I feel I should be on DLA but pride (and the good days), keep me from doing that as I feel I might be a fraud when I'm able to do the littlest of things :-(

Take care everyone, gentle hugs.... and a neck rub :-D xx


Hi Ruth, I can totally relate to your first and last comments. I have been on Income Support as long term sick since 2005, now on £67.50 a wk Income related ESA (wot a joke, but Im not laughing)since last Oct, which was a drop in weekly money of £25.95. I was lucky that my daughter was still at home and working and paid for food and contributed to the rent/council tax.Our rent has just gone UP by £4 a wk but my housing benefit and has been HALFED!! My daughter can no longer afford to live here.Shes moved in with her boyfriend who doesnt need her to contribute as much. I look at jobs too but then the sensible half of my brain says "What are you doing? You know you cant work". Actually I do work now, 5hrs a WK as a lollipop lady in the road I live in, as "therepy" for my depression, which my doc and my shrink agree with.If I didnt have that (and my little dog), I wouldnt go out at all, or speak to anyone. Which would make matters worse.But even THAT is becoming a strain, with the Fibro fog, fatigue and pain. I actually cant wait for wkends and holidays. How bad is THAT?!! Anyway, as everyone has said, hang in there and fight coz they want you to give up (the Gov., that is). It IS a disgrace and theyre being grossly unfair to people who need all the help they can get. But I suppose thats thanks to all those people who are good at "pulling a fast one". GOOD LUCK to you, we are all behind you.x


Hi Ruth, Just wanted to ask have you seen a copy of the report from Atos? (you can request a copy from the DWP, they have to send it if you ask) I only ask because I scored 0 points at my assessment, I asked for a copy of the report and it was full of errors (not just grey areas but things that were completely wrong) Like you I Iodged an appeal with the DWP, but I also emailed Atos and complained about the nurse who did the assessment. It took Atos about six weeks to investigate but they finally admitted that the report was: not completed fully and was not up to their usual standard" They informed the DWP of their findings and as a result a senior decision maker overturned the decision without it needing to go to appeal. So I was only on the reduced amount for about 8 weeks.

I'm not saying this will be the case for you, but if you have not seen your report yet you never know it might be full of errors and you could complain directly to Atos.

Hope everything gets sorted out for you soon, and remember you're not alone they are doing it to nearly everybody.


I haven't seen the report, just parts of it on the DWP report.

Thanks Westerby, I may do just that.

Ruth xx


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