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Not only content with trying to get disabled people off benefits now on ESA wrags I found it effects my housing benefit too

I am a private tenant, so this may not apply to council or housing association tennants but .. Private tenants have their housing benefit worked out on only 70% of what they think is a fair amount of your rent, as I have been on housing benefit for almost 9 years, the local housing allowance does not apply.

Following my ESA descision, because I was previously on Incapacity Benefit, my ESA payment is the same as my Incapacity benefit was. So you would think housing and council tax benefit would remain the same WRONG, I called Hosing Benefit today as the amounts had changed significantly, I was told that Government had told them to work out the amounts differently so now I find I'm over£30 light on my housing benefit and have to pay an additional amount on my Council tax benefit too. I already struggle a lot to get money to feed myself after all bills are paid, maybe the government want us to starve and then we will disappear off any lists all together


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hi ksmiles,omg this is so wrong what do this government think they are doing to people how on earth are you ment to live..they do not give a monkeys thats what they are so well off they just don't care about the people of this country..sat on a desk all day pushing pens iam on benefits ib is i just hope they don't put me on esa.these so called gov people what would they do if it was them i feel so sorrry for you and take care

bob xx


I know what you mean. They are talking about charging someone extra rent if they have a room spare! We moved into this 3 bed house in February this year. With 3 adults and two adolescents of different sex (siblings) meant we are over crowded. My youngest has requestedto go live with his father and one of his brothers and my eldest and his fiance will soon be moving on to pastures new. So that will leave me and my daughter a room each with one to spare for the boys when they come over. BUT because its not occupied all the time the Gov are talking about charging some homes for empty rooms! I can't afford to move again to somewhere smaller and if I did where would the 'visiting family' stay?

Oh but of course the Gov officials have their large 6+ bedrooms and maids so what do they care?! :-(

we are nearly Plebs and the Dickinson era is returning im afraid xxx


i knew this already kind of.and its so wrong we have to top ours up with about 4 quid a week its isnt much but it soon mounts up and if you get yre money stopped yre snookered.

i have 50 /50 access of both my kids but ex wont let them stay over has we only have a one bed flat.hes told me to get a two or 3.

thats impossible we cant afford the extra rent so kids and i are suffering coz of that now and ive broke the court order.

thanks i agree.cant you get legal advice and just check where yous stand?x


I agree with everything written so far - i bought my council house several years ago and thankfully only have a small mortgage but the gov only pay 3.6% so i too have a shortfall about £20 a month on the interest. my dla pays for all the stuff that esa doesn't, i'm afraid. i've heard about the extra bedroom tax and am worried that i'll have to sell up and spend my equity renting somewhere. of course then i wouldn't be eligible for benefits so the money would be gone in a couple of years and i'd face a very straightened future. i did have a lodger whilst i was still working but couldn't cope with someone else in the house now. and yes, i think the gov is hoping we all lie down and disappear! that'd solve a lot of their financial problems wouldn't it?!


Sorry to hear about your struggles Ksmiles, it's an all too common problem sadly. Have you considered popping along to your local CAB (Citizen's Advice Bureau) to ask their advice, they might be able to help and advise you?

Here is the comment regarding Housing Benefit changes in the Welfare Reform Act 2012, which is having such impact on so many of our members -

"creating a fairer approach to Housing Benefit to bring stability to the market and improve incentives to work".

Here's some info on changes regarding Housing Benefit with effect from April 2013 -


I moved into a privately rented retirement flat 4 months ago after I left my husband. I need the security of help at hand because of my health issues. I tried to get social housing but couldn't. I get ESA but housing benefit is only paid at the rate of a basic one bedroom flat, so although my flat is tiny & I need help, my flat is considered a luxury, so I have to find £220 every month out of my benefits! I've been using my DLA for this but now am having this revued too! If I lose DLA or it is reduced, how do I find my rent?


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