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Yet again Atos have told a different version of events to how I remember them.

So it looks like I will have to go back to work, not sure if it is worth me appealing again?

Anybody else had to appeal more than once?

The last time I did, the Dr at the appeal was so rude I didn't say half of what I wanted to say even though my sister had helped me organise all the points I wanted to cover.

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If you are ill how can you go back to work?

I know if the appeal did not work this time I would keep on.And on your next appeal explain that the Dr would not let you have your say.

We got to stick together.I have just appeal to go in to the support group.

What we did was to get our MP involved we don't know if it will help but I do think if your Dr says you cant work then keep on going.


Just so fed up with being punished for having an illness that I didn't ask to have.

I did write to my mp who was fantastic when my dad was in hospital with heart problems but wrote back singing the praises of atos and was no help at all.

Just so unfair when people who have nothing wrong with them, work the system and get away with it because they are good at lying, while I am far too honest for my own good. As you can probably guess I am not a happy bunny but thank you for replying, it helps reassure me that I am not wrong to put myself first


Take pondminstrel advise i have n dont let em win its what they want .xx


hi message me and i will help you with a link x



Let the process happen if your refused I know its annoying when can advise or help you how to overcome this unfortunately unless its the decision maker who make the decisions not ATOS and as I am sure you can gather sympathy and understanding isnt their protocol. Pvt message me and I'le help if I can

Liam Carter

Senior Case Manager

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I have lost count of the amount of appeals I have submitted, it has become a full time job to claim ESA. Always appeal if you disagree with a decision.


I have decided to try again, and letter was posted today, why they don't listen to your gp or consultant as they know how you are much better than they can tell from half hr with them x


Hi I sympathise with you, I had to appeal last year but lost the appeal despite letters from my GP, psychiatrist and CBT therapist and didn't realise I could appeal again outside of Atos.

I had an Atos appt last Monday, so guess I will have to go through it all again in a couple of weeks!!! Xxx


Thanks Barbie, it's so frustrating isn't it. Good luck too you as well xx


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