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two hours of my day wasted

so yesterday I telephoned the dr s surgery to speak with the practice manager. made an appt fro 2pm there at 1.45 and the receptionist said go and sit upstairs whilst I get hold of her.sat upstairs and waited and waited but she never called me. i had then had enough and walked out of surgery to go home.

wanted to speak to her cos the last time I saw my dr regards to my stomach increasing in girth and still having the cough I have had since September,he said my chest is fine and my stomach probs were "muscular".(stomach is much harder ,lumpier and more painful especially round ribs which I think could cause my cough as feels like ribs digging in)

trying not to be concerned about things btu am that my stomach is getting much bigger and harder it has to be a mass of some sort. and I have lsot weight elsewhere and I have a tightness around my neck.


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Hi anbuma,

Sorry you're having such problems. If you feel that your GP and the practice manager are brushing you off, have you thought of contacting PALS (Patient Advice and Liaison Service)?

Have a look at the website, they may be able to help you.

Moffy x


hello Moffy

thanks for your response.i have already emailed PALS today and they said to discuss things with practice manager and my DR and he could bring my appt forward if necessary. i have written a letter to the practice manager and posted it today.If I don't get any success then to contact them again


Hello Anbuma,I have just read your blog It sound's so similar to what I am getting .I feel as though my rib's are crushing me .I have put on a stone in twelve months, and had a cough for two years. had two chest x-rays both clear breathing test's are normal .I am now waiting for an appointment with (respitory) can't spell anymore my doctor has no idea why I have this cough which exhaust's me .


a visit to a private dr who arranged ultrasound scan revealed gallstones but I am sure this is not the cause of all my probs.i am awaiting an appt for surgery which I now is sometime in May.have you had gallstones?or been diagnosed with a gyst or tumour.I cant se probs been muscular as my dr said.


sorry should be "see probs being".cannot spell either and my fingers hit the wrong keys.


hello mollyanna

at least your dr has said to you he has no idea.mine doesn't say anything other than chest was you think cough could be associated with rib rib pain is on left side and its when I lie on that side I cough the most.right now I have discomfort in the centre top of my abdomen and my stomach is so hard. .im struggling to cope with it.


Maybe it could be my rib pain is worse on the left and I feel as though my abdomen is swollen under my ribs . and also in the centre were the rib's meet the breast bone the pain is really bad if I forget and bend to the left ..I haven't told my GP about the swelling , but I have told her about my rib pain . she thinks that is coming from my back as I have arthritis of the spine.I will try and remember to tell her when I next see her. I go in with a list now because other wise you forget because there are so many symptoms . I will let you know what happen's when I see respitory .


Ladies although its not the same as I have no cough, even tho I am a smoker, I've had pain inm lower left rib for a few years now. Its lumpy and sore and especially when I sneeze it feels like something is stuck. It also hurt when I touched it or lay on it. I spoke to my chiropractor about it and she said that my rib at the back gets stuck and she has to adjust it, but to speak to my gp about it. Which I did and he examined me and said it was inflammation around the rib. He gave me a course of diclofenac. It seems to have really helped.

Don't know if that help anyone.

Gentle hugs



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