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appt with practice manager tomorrow(3rd jan)

I have my meeting with the practice manager and my DR tomorrow,i have written down everything I have questions about and info taken from internet about blood tests and what they are for and what results mean.

reading the letter my Dr wrote to the rheumatologist ,I noticed that there were no details of appointments from sept 2009 to april there are no details of when I first had rib pain/protruding ribs and pressure on ribs or when I first found the lumps in my abdomen.i also noticed that I had seen dr in feb 09 for an abdominal lump.

I also have a list of things the rheumy said to my dr which are not true .he did not listen to i what I told him.

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You sound very well prepared. Do you have someone to go with you?

Good luck with it. Remember to stay calm, but determined. Keep repeating the key points quietly but firmly until they acknowledge them.

Will think of you.




The main thing is that you are prepared for this, just you make sure you say everything you want to say hun and do not let then cut you off or interrupt you. I will wait to see how it goes for you. I have an appointment myself tomorrow at the eye hospital, wahayyyyyyy a adya out for me xxxxx


I have the same problem with Drs not listening, it took me nearly 3 years to get the Dr to refer me to the ENT clinic and by the time I got there my sinus infection was chronic, cream, nasal spray for life and a shrug of the shoulders. I too have sent a email to the practice manager as I feel they are treating FM as a invisible illness and therefore all we need is a invisible prescription


thanks guys

I am prepared now I just hope I don't have a fibro moment and sieze up.apparently nasal probs are related to some of the blood tests(ESR and CPR-think that's right.)I am going alone as I didn't think anyone would give me enough support as they don't know the whole saga.will let you know how it goes and if it gets me anywhere.


that should be CRP not CPR


i hope it goes well you must update us


hi guys

thank you for your "well wishes" .i received a phone call from my DRs this am to say practice manager was off sick so to rearrange appt fro later date I kept my apt with the DR as I have had lower back pain fro few days.he also apologised fro her being ill.


stil had no contact from practice manager. why?


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