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I'm ok but am I unique?


I had a heart scan due to a persistant cough and the x-ray suggesting an enlarged heart.

they had difficulty getting a good image, but my heart "seems" fine, but they want me to see a cardiologist "just to be sure".

my b.p. pulse are normal and the gp listened to my heart and pronounced it "fine".

now the unique bit -

normal heart valve flaps are in three sections, mine has only two :-O

I was born with it am 56 and never had any problems.

I'm fine but am I unique?


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Well you are unique to us ... There's only one San.... Great you are getting to see a cardiologist Do you have to a&e any meds or just waiting for an appointment...

VG x

You're definitely unique, Sandra - but your heart is not particularly unusual. Having only two cusps on the tricuspid valve is not considered abnormal - just uncommon.

Who wants to be common, anyway?

A lot of people have a slightly enlarged heart, sometimes as a result of asthma or other lung problems.. If it was severely enlarged, you would need some medication, but it sounds as though it's OK.

It's a good job you are seeing a cardiologist, though - you only get one heart, so it pays to take care of it!

Keep beating!

Love Moffy x

hamble99b in reply to ladymoth

he doesn't think it's enlarged, more that it was the angle at x-ray. [!]

I am a unique enigma lol do you fancy joining me in this category ?

hamble99b in reply to irisjoy

apparently I'm fascinating medically!

ladymoth in reply to hamble99b

It's unusual - I would love to have a look at your bi-cuspid tri-cuspid!

I used to do scans, and I've only ever seen one like you.

All the doctors will be queuing up to have a look, because though normal, it's rarely seen.

It's good to be a bit different!

hamble99b in reply to ladymoth

"Anyone who had a heart

could look at me

and know it's bi-cuspid!! [stolen from cilla black]

ooooooooo i like that maybe i should aim to be fascinating , i will work on it :)

I'm fascinating facially - no one can believe I'm that ugly! :D


I can :D ... Runs and hides....

ladymoth in reply to Hidden

Pthhwwwwrrrrp! :)

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