We are all unique - special, creative and wonderful .... imagery of self

We are all unique - special, creative and wonderful .... imagery of self

I was tasked through my counselling to develop an image that I could use to refer to myself more positively - it was a few weeks ago ... when I started going I had a belief that I was 'faulty' for my health to be so awful - the grieving process of 'why me?' and the view that all the negative things in my life were weighing me down. After giving it much thought, over the weeks I have built on my initial view of myself as a 'tree'.

A tree that has some age to it (46 years) and therefore like a tree, developing many branches.

The branches in my mind are my experiences. Some good, some bad, some ugly, and some amazing and wonderful.

When I consider the whole tree, the branches that are associated with my fibro are certainly not a sum of the whole tree - and I am made up of a wide range of experiences and knowledge that has come from all of them.

I had a long walk with the dog today - in the beautiful autumn sunshine. I am grateful that today I can walk that far. I am grateful that I have a reason to walk out in the sunshine. I was very grateful that I have and chose to wear wellies!

Whilst walking I saw many trees, all colours, some with most of their leaves, lots with half of their leaves on the ground - making the autumnal carpet. I got to thinking, when a tree loses it leaves, they are gone, and past - ready for new ones. Some of my experiences are one's that I would choose to lose - and never have again. I can drop those leaves on the ground and need not relive those - because life doesn't stand still - and there are always new branches, buds and leaves waiting to come to visible life - but they are always there..... just waiting. If I hold on to the old experiences, there isn't the space for the new one's. Some will be positive, some won't - but I don't need to hold onto what has passed.

I then spotted the tree that is my photo today. I thought it was an unusual shape for a tree, but then - (and my final thought of the day), I thought, so are we. We are all unique. We are all special. Our leaves are made of many different colours, shapes and experiences. But they are all beautiful in their own way, unique and special. We all have many experiences, and these make our knowledge so wide and so varied. These are our strong branches and leaves, and this is what makes us so individual and wonderful.

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  • Thanks that was lovely.I'd never thought of things in this way before,it made me feel quite emotional.

  • Hi suzysparkle -- what a lovely image you have posted -- I too enjoyed a walk in the park with my dog today and felt so grateful that I could see all the autumn colours. Your words are so true -- that we are all unique and special in our own way. We all have to learn to accept what we are capable of achieving and enjoy our positive experiences. Thank you for sharing with us your words of wisdom. xx

  • I have had an awfull day today in many different ways,I would love to have been able to have taken my dog out in the lovely sunshine but I just felt so low and sad I've been in and out of bed all day,after reading your beautiful blog it has made me start to think that actually you are right,it has opened my eyes to a new way of thinking,thank you for passing this on to us,I'm sure that other people will start to look at their life in a different way,when I'm next out walking I will take the time to look at things the way you have,I think it may help me sort out many things in my life that I have yet to deal with,thank you.

  • Thanks so much for sharing this with us SS. It is all too easy to get bogged down with all the problems that our health issues cause and we can forget to enjoy and take pleasure in some of the more simple things in life. Even when we can't get outside we can still look through the window and appreciate the colours of autumn. I must try to get out in the garden tomorrow! Best wishes to you all. Jane x

  • Oh , what a nice post. Thank you !

  • I am touched by your lovely comments on my post. It only adds to the positive experience that I had today. . . . xx

  • Morning Suzy, well done that was a brilliant metaphor I really enjoyed it. I agree the hardest thing for us is to actually accept our lot in life. As I became worse with fibro and arthritis stenosis etc I gave up my shop and the way of life I loved as I could no longer do it physically. It took me three years to come to terms with me as I am now. I love the tree with branches that is me - all the things I can do and the ones I can no longer do are dropped with the autumn leaves that makes room for new things when spring come.

    Thanks for sharing your experience gentle hugs (((((((((((((()))))))))) xgins

  • I totally agree and thank goodness there is no one else like me .... One of me is plenty for anyone :)

    VG x

  • I really enjoyed your post suzy,i am so glad for the things i can still do. to cope with our illness we must try and see the positives in our lives,its the only way forward.xx

  • I found your post really uplifting, i wish so much I could get my daughter to think this way, she is a wonderful person but has had many experiences that need to be left behind so she can have new experiences but she wont let them go and consequently her depression wont go and she seems slowly to be sinking.

    Im hoping I can get her some CBT but it will only be helpful if she will go.

    In the meantime I wish you well on your lifes journey

    J XX

  • It is something I have been working on through CBT, but you have to be open to it and it doesn't come easily when you are in the 'black cloud' phase of depression. I want the same for my Mum, but she really struggles with positive thought. It takes patience on everyone around - and it easy to feel drained when people you love and care about can't see this side of life. It has been a recent revelation for me; I just seemed to have 'got it' recently although I have been struggling with depression and negative thoughts for about 5 years or so.

    I hope that your daughter does take the CBT option. Never give up - but be patient :-)

  • I enjoyed reading this and I know from experience that positive thoughts do a great deal to help. I myself imagine myself edging my way through a crowd of Ozzy fans at a concert, and eventually I will get to the front xxxxx

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