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Concentration has leapt off the face of the earth

I'm usually a keen and good reader, but lately I feel as though my reading skills have been shot into space. I can't concentrate on a sentence and it seems as if words jump around. I'm losing my favourite past time :( Even puzzles leave me puzzled.

It's so frustrating. I can handle the pain, the twitches and the cramps. I can handle all the other symptoms and side effects but I can't handle not being able to read.

Fibromyalgia has so much to answer for. It's already stollen my independence and I can't walk without aid, so my books are my solace.

Sorry for going on, there's very limited places to vent now :(

On a happier note, I now have 2 companions around the house. My daughter got 2 cats for her birthday, but we all know I'm going to see more of them since I'm usually stuck home...

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I have found that recently .. I have stopped going to the library as I find I can read boos I read before and not remember the plot

So glad I am not alone

VG x


hi I feel the same I have been reading short stories in a mag and some of them are serials and I get the next week one and I cant remember what I read last week,so I have to re-read my mag;. It makes me very sad.

I also have been doing crystal healing for 20+ years but when someone asks me what Crystal I need for a certain ailment I just cant remember. I even taught it!

My Fibro has stolen my life I loved driving and swimming and I cant do any now as I have to be helped into a car. and have a scooter to go out if I can find someone fit enough to put it together.

Hope you have fun with the cats I now have a little yorkie and he keeps me entertained...:-) and on a bad day he sleeps with me on my chair or in my bed LOL :-)

Gentle hugs ((((((((((((((((((((( <3 )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


Thanks girls x just waiting on the cats settling in now. Jig our boy is so affectionate - though he does have a habbit of kneeding my legs. Lexi is very shy and skittish but she's slowly coming round. At least if I'm ripping my hair out over my mag I have a cute kitty to cuddle up to instead lol xx


Hi Trae - I would be devastated if I couldn't read - it really is my greatest pleasure and solace!

Two things I find which make my 'fog' much worse and which may be worth thinking about:

1.Pain. Is your pain medication adequate. Constant pain screws your concentration and makes you too exhausted to do anything. We tend to accept pain levels until they become excruciating, but we should aim for maximum achievable comfort most of the time.

2. Very simple, but are you dehydrated? Not taking enough fluid will drop anyone's concentration levels. I was feeling particularly foggy the other day, and realised I'd only had one cup of tea since waking! Try increasing your fluid intake to at least 2 litres daily (4-5 pints in old money) and you may see an improvement - I did and it was dramatic!

I hope you feel better soon, and that you can crack on with the latest reading lists! :)

Moffy x


Hi Trae, I understand exactly how you feel. I was an avid reader & now find myself reading the same line over & over, not really taking in the meaning of the words! It is so frustrating & sad. Like you fibro has taken so much from me, some days I could just sit & cry. My love & best wishes to you. Debbie x


Hi ladymoth. Thanks for your advice. Unfortunately my pain meds are very limited because of meds I take for a mental disorder. Doctor told me that I basically need to make do with what I'm on at the moment. I always make sure I'm hydrated because I suffer from IBS and being dehydrated on to of that is very unpleasant xx


Hi debbie. Thanks for your comment. I too find it's easier just to sit and cry. But I'm a determined cookie so I push myself to get on ( even though I regret it later). Soft hugs huni please don't feel alone xxx


I have just last month (march) gone through an episode of fibro fog and loss of concentration. This caused many problems for me as I am a mature student with the OU studying English Language and Literature, I am as a rule a fairly steady student in the 70+ bracket with regards to marks. My assignment for March was a very poor 46% yes it is a pass. (40% being lowest level) but disappointing for me as I do not know what it will do to my degree grade. Last year in my Childrens Lit module had a couple of bad marks bit did not know then about the fibro fog thing, not diagnosed then, (hindsight is a wonderful thing) so I was hoping to pick up marks with this module to compensate, sadly doesn't look like it will happen. I may have to resit the kids lit. The fog does pass as I have just got a quite healthy 68% mark on my last assignment which is a grade 2. It is upsetting when it happens more so if it prevents you from doing the things you love and enjoy.

So don't feel you are alone in this I thought I was starting with dementia, and kept losing the thread. So chin up take care and pamper yourself for a little while.

Gail X


Thankyou so much gail x good luck xx



A lurker rather than a contributor but I really sympathise with you as I cannot exist without my books! I developed problems with reading and concentration after a stroke in 1998 but I used to teach dyslexic children so used some strategies on myself to get myself reading and it helped. And with support from the OU managed to do a degree.

Had a query stroke again last year which set me right back but have found the following really helps - if you are able to afford a kindle the small screen and being able to adjust the print size means less distraction because there is less print to try and focus on. If you're reading a book then using a card or ruler under each line helps keep the place. I often read the words out loud or mouth them if it's a difficult bit. What I find best though is listening to a book and following the text so getting the double input. If you have a problem with print you should be able to get them free through the library.

Hope some of this helps.


Thankyou so much I will give them all a try xx


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