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hi everyone i haent been on here for a long time, have been so ill wth this nightmare fibro

got me dla forms last week its taken me till now to complete them as i get tiered filling them out and i want to at least do them my self, going to post tem friday as its me birthday and i feel it might be luky posting them on that da,y

i feel like im falling apart the pains are so bad the doctor is a twit ive decided to stop all meds exept the paracetomol and see how i go im so fed up with being drowsy and feeling drunk, my new illnness is now passing out and falling over its quite funny really my 10 year old thinks mums drunk lol i hae to remind her mum only drinks tea, somtimes i think maybe if i did drink id feel so much better

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Hi tracy, change your doctor hun. i was told for 15 years there was nothing wrong with me. i changed my doctor and was diagnosed with fibro and lupus. Find a doctor that understands fibro. stand up for yourself and believe what your body is telling you. good luck x


Hi huni, I've just posted my forms to, you best post them asap as government is changing and they may stop the benefit to all people whoes lives are not at risk! This new law starts onapril the 1st, any forms that havent been read/ processed before this date will have very little chance in claiming the dla, also people who are on dla will be contacted and brought in for medicals. It's horrendous! If your doc will nit support you and you are no longer taking meds than I'm afraid it doesn't look good. You do need to change your doctor, I find that white white female doctors know the most about fibro and are best at helping you. Good luck x


tracy photocopy every page and send it recorded delivery. have you got the benefit & wo

there is also useful info you can download & include in your claim pack.




hi all thanks for comments the forms are finaly done i have also found letters from pain clinic when i was refered so have copied and included them, i have asked to see a new doctor at the surgery and if no success then im going to go looking for someone new, feeling a bit better today but just so tired i think worse i felt for so long had sad new my mate who had terminal cancer died last tuesday jjust took me over the edge and i struggled to cope but my kids rallied round and have supported me throug the worse just waiting on funeral details so i can start to prepare myself to go i hate having panic attacks and i know the funeral will be very big and she was a very loving women with many friends and family but im going my hubby has said he will be there the whole timefor me will let you know how dla goes, i have only ever been given the lower rate careing allowance but its better than nothing and as im worse now than before i hoping i might get more wud like the mobility but if i get thesame again i will be happy


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