fibromyalgia and thyroid problems

I have an under-active thyroid and fibro.

I've been aware of links between the two.

today there is a poll asking if anyone has any of 8 conditions as well as thyroid problems.

out of 62 replies 49% have fibro - almost half! so I'm assuming it's 30 out of 62.

It also worth noting how many people on the thyroid forum report being un-diagnosed for some time, despite having many of the symptoms, due to "normal" or "just under" results - including myself.



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  • I think it's about time that 'normal' levels of thyroid hormone were re-evaluated.

    It seems that women will develop thyroid deficiency symptoms at a level which would cause no trouble at all for men.

    Maybe doctors have forgotten that there are differences other than the obvious between the sexes!

    Moffy x

  • so do i i have both also arthiruitis fibro in my early 20s wasnt called that then also undereractive thyriod mine was running at 27 normal range six to 4 mine should run at o.5 took 4year to sort out but still not right xx

  • I have had an underactive thyroid since I was 20 or mabe younger but 20 when diagnosed I'm on 200mg hyroxine a day.modify if things effected men more cures be found quicker things that effect women more don't ever get sorted.but if had the thyroid prob so long it does make u tired and bloated and a lot of fibro symptoms are similar but it's like oh is that all but the amount of things that you can get from thyroid prob is unbelievable.I went Dr after been called lazy and useless Tec and getting sacked for leaning cos so tired..and they said I had a underactive thyroid put me straight on 100 mg I'm now on 200mg it's life long and again the medication can cause liver probes so they don't give you the amount your body would make normally so no you will always feel a bit tired Tec there is also convection to brother is a diabetic since 6 and u will find most ppl with thyroid probe have a type 1diabetic in family.

  • hi, could you give me the link to the hypothroidism site, I also have both and would like to investgate thisfurther.


  • go to the green banner at the top of the page and click "my communities"

    on the drop down menu click on "browse other communities"

    it is "Thyroid Support Uk"


  • Hi Sandra

    I would be interested to know how you got diagnosed when you had normal or just under normal results. My doctor recently tested my thyroid because I have hair loss from my scalp but also hair loss on my legs, the hair is very sparse and in some places bald! They came back normal but the hair loss still worries me and no matter how little I eat I can't lose weight, if I eat what a normal person does I literally put on 3-5 pounds in as many days! When I was ill recently and didn't eat for three days I didn't lose a single ounce.

  • it was during an incredibly hot summer in the ate 80's and I wore an arran cardi but my feet got badly sunburned.

    the consultant decided that wasn't significant to others was significant to me and put me on a low dose of thyroxine.

    the difference was almost immediate!


  • I can identify with your frustration. I doubled my body weight eating normally. I found i had food intolerance and when I cut out dairy wheat and gluten i lost a lot of weight .My hair stopped coming out too

  • One of the symptoms of thyroid deficiency is loss of eyebrow hair - especially at the outside edge of the brow.

    I have hair loss on my head, and hair free legs, but I have nice thick brows and a normal thyroid level.

    Thinning hair, loss of body hair and weight gain are associated with many other conditions, such as anaemia, renal problems, immune system disorders and the good old menopause to name but a few, so don't get upset if your thyroid levels are normal and you have these symptoms.

  • my underarms & legs are hairfree.

  • Thanks Moffy that is helpful too as can help me rule those things out. I have been tested for anaemia, renal problems and immune disorders when I was investigated for lupus and all came back negative so perhaps that does just leave my thyroid. My only other positive/abnormal tests were very high LFTs at one point which have now gone back to normal but are being monitored. MP X

  • Bahhh so I am guessing from my copious amounts of hair I am suffering from chewbacca syndrome ..... :(

  • love it VG

  • Well - I put glue on my eyebrows, and bend over so that my eyebrows touch my leg hair, then sit up very quickly.

    It's painful, but very effective, and apart from once getting stuck in that position, it's very safe!

    I look just like Joan Collins, but I flap my eyebrows instead of my lashes! :D

  • OMG. Will you stop posting things like this when I am drinking.... Another top covered in black currant squash.....


  • Heehee! I should have said 'Don't try this at home' ! :O

  • Have tried bending down my head won't reach my legs so will improvise with my OHs leg hair I am sure he will understand :D

  • Greater love hath no man .......! :O

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