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Fibro and Thyroid related problems?

Hi all,

I have been suffering with fibromyalgia for many years and diagnosed over 12 months ago. I have recently had some blood results come back abnormal, indicating that I have an under active thyroid. I have now been prescribed thyroxine and I was just interested to know if any other fibro sufferers have thyroid problems also. I ask, as some of the symptoms include muscle aches and memory problems. I am unsure as to what symptoms are down to fibro and what are down to my thyroid problems, but I guess I will find this out once I start taking thyroxine.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read my post and I do hope that the sun is shining wherever you are and today gives you more reasons to smile than not xxx

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Hello, Peacelily1972.

I think there is a connection between Fibro and Under Active Thyroid, some people don't. I was diagnosed with both. You can make up your own mind, and get help with Fibro here, but if you want to research the thyroid side of your illness, then there is Lots of information on the HealthUnlocked Thyroid UK forum. (Sorry I don't know how to give you the actual link). If you have your blood results you can post them on there and get advice. Also there is a new and very busy page on fb you can request to join - Thyroid Talk UK. Best wishes. Evey. (PM me if you wish).


Hello Evey,

Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post, it is most appreciated. I shall have a look at the threads on the Forum you suggested. I don't have my blood tests, as my GP just called me and explained that it indicated an under active thyroid and prescribed thyroxine, but I shall also have a look at the FB page as suggested.

Many thanks once again. xx


Hello, Peacelily1971, I'm glad to be of help. Ask the receptionist at you surgery to print off a copy of your results showing the ranges alongside. You are legally entitled to a copy, some doctors may charge a small fee for this. Then post them up for help and advice.


I believe many people think there is a connection. Indeed some believe that Fibro is merely undiagnosed form of thyroid problem. I have been diagnosed with both - impossible to know where one ends and other begins as the symptoms are virtually identical. However I was diagnosed Fibro first, then hypo and started on Levothyroxine - it has helped many of the symptoms (severe reaction to cold gone, palpitations gone, some of the fatigue relieved), but I am certainly not better - so assume the rest is Fibro? Lots of info on the Thyroid board on here, also Dr Lowe wrote a book on Fibro that relates it to the thyroid - can't remember what it is called but may be worth a look.

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Hi MJD14,

Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post, I do apprecaite it.

I can relate to the not knowing of where one begins or the other ends, as there does seem to be an overlap in some of the symptoms.

Thank you for the recommendations, I shall certainly have a look.

I wish you well and I shall keep the forum updated with how I go after taking thyroxine for a while.

Best wishes xx


I was diagnosed with Fibro but now have been put on a trial of Levothyroxine. My muscle aches have improved and the strange ridges in my nails have almost gone! I'm still very tired and have weak muscles but maybe these things will improve as my dose is increased. Fingers crossed!


Hi Sewnsew,

Thank you for taking the time to reply to me. Glad to hear your muscle aches have eased and hopefully things do improve in time for you.

Best wishes, xx

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Hi Peacelily1972. I was diagnosed with fibro a year ago along with other conditions such as RD and Sjorgens but on requesting my med notes back to 2011 I can see from all the blood tests I have had that I have since 2011 had a high TSH level but because it is below 10 no medical professional has helped with this. I joined thyroiduk and have learnt so much from them about what to look out for and what to ask GP etc. It is an uphill battle to get GP to listen as they dont like to be questioned but at least I know I am not alone and can ask questions on the site. Take care. Gentle hugs Joolz.x


Hi Peacelily - I'm another one diagnosed with fibro (and before that ME/CFS) but who feels that thyroid problems may be the cause. I haven't been officially diagnosed with thyroid problems as the only test they'll do is within range, but all my other strange symptoms (eg. hair loss, severe dry skin, etc) point to this.

I agree with the others. Have a look at the Thyroid UK forum on this platform. I've found loads of useful information there and I'm now seeing a private doctor and having some treatment for thyroid and adrenal issues. Some issues have improved, but I've been ill for so many years (since the 1990s) that I think it's going to be a long job!

Good luck to you. :-)


I am so sorry to read that, and I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck. I have had several thyroid blood tests and they have all been fine.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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Hi, I too was diagnosed with an "Underactive Thyroid" This year & "Lymphedema" & I have many other things including "Fibromyalgia". Had since year 2000 after some really severe extreme stress. I struggle with having these as well as severe nerve issues in my body, raynauds & more. 😟 xx


Hi I have been suffering with the symptoms you have described for over a year now, and mine a

Have nothing to do with my thyroid, I suffer with chronic daily headheaches which yes are another fibro symptom unfortunately, I am under a neurologist who has been trying to keep the headaches at bay and the vice like feeling at the back of my head to a minimum. I have been put on topiromate 150mg for the headaches and the pressure feeling isn't as bad but we air still working on on that, but it is hard as I have stenosis of the C spine so that aggravates my fibro or the other way around.. Maybe you should see a neurologist if you already haven't.

Vikki x


Hi peacelilly 1972,I was diagnosed with fibro nearly 2 years ago and underactive thyroid about 3 weeks ago along with anaemia.I also have lots of pain due to chronic discs and my gp said he needs to start me on meds for thyroid but as I was having palpitations the thyroxine will only make them worse. I am going back for bloods in 2 weeks again as my tsh was 33 and my gp is going to test my vitamins etc then. I will follow how you get on with the thyroxine.. I wish you luck I will let you know how I get on with it as I'm confused as to what symptoms are from the fibro and what are thyroid related.Have a nice day x


Hi also suffer badly with fibro but 3 years ago had half thyroid out due to cancer. Am on throxine but the cancer never got me down its this fibro You will feel better for taking the drug Maureen


Thank you so much each and every one of you who took the time to reply to my post. Your comments have been interesting and most helpful.

Wishing you all a peaceful and pain free day, gentle hugs xx


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