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Off my head with pain


Sorry I haven't been on this week when I said I would but I haven't been very well. Me and the kids are full of cold and my fibro not wanting to be outdone by the common cold, has kicked off too.

As if that wasn't bad enough, the trigminal neuralgia which has been threatening me with an attack has really exploded in my face again! I can't cope with this again what with feeling poorly anyway. My face hurts much I can't begin to tell you and my meds aren't touching it. Am ringing docs in the morning, sorry for having a moan but going crackers with pain

Love Charlii xx

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I got some dried seaweed ,, put it in a bath and soaked , then towelled dried and went straight to bed last time I had pain like that . It did seem to help a bit . Worth a try . Amazon sells it . X

Oh Charlii, that's good. I hope the Gp gives you some decent pain relief and enough left over for another time, so you can start it as soon as you get first symptoms.

Hope you feeling better soon x


Hope you get an appt tomorrow..

And get some med to help

VG xx


Oh Charlli, so sorry you're having a hard time, hope you get the help you need from the doc.

I had face pain at the weekend, nothing near what you must be feeling, mine comes from my neck, goes into my head and then my face and it's so hard to deal with....

Hope you feel better soon x

Rest up Charlii - if you take your meds and keep as still as possible, that will reduce your pain. I think you'd be quite justified in calling the doctor tonight!

Hope you're better soon!

Love from Moffy x

Still awake, even after all my's gonna be a long night! Thank God for wheat bags! X


Its early morning now hope you snatched s few exhausted mins sleep here and there if the wont give you an appt go to the surgery and tell them you are not leaving till someone sees you even the nurse will have an idea whats wrong and call the doc across get a foot in the door one way or the other hopeyou get help soon petal

Good luck

Morning Charlie did the wheat bags help a bit- neuralgia is so awful I hope it has eased off a bit

I seemed to be bunged up hey ho the sun shines do hope you feel a bit better :) xgins

The pain has completely gone!!!!!!!! Wow! Xx

Hi charlie , so happy ur pain has eased for you , did u see the doctor , x

Im so glad for you charli, with relentless pain and children to look after as well as dealing with a nasty cold life can often seem unbearable so I hpe you stay pain free for as long as possible. .I have been in bed for two whole weeks with a nssty chest infection doc gave me steriods and antibiotics as I was struggling to breathe. Having a really nasty fybro flare up aswell as a asthma attack which nearly saw me hospitalised. I refused to go didnt want to catch anything else. Pain meds not even touching this pain, but im going for a warm bath and back to bed with heat pad and you never know perhaps today might be the day I start to feel better . here's hoping...just exhausted no sleep in two weeks apart from an hour here or there... hope everyone has a better day today...thank you for listening.xx

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