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I was informed by letter today that my dla appeal had been refused. One of their reasons was because my husband and I have been granted full responsibility for our two grandchildren ( we either took them or they were going to be adopted ) aged 6 &8 my health must be ok because if I was as disabled as I made out social services wouldn't have allowed us to keep them, even though I have letters from social services stating that I have very limited mobility, that over time my condition had got worse and that I had substantial difficulty using my hands.. I think using this excuse for refusing the dla appeal is not right and is discriminatory to people who have young children. I know of a few women who get dla and keep knocking out child after child, how are they assessed worthy for this benefit? Does anyone have any opinions on this?

Best wishes to all....nannyjenno

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You are supposed to be able to get DLA if you work .....to enable you to work ....so how they worked out that looking after 2 children works out you are fit enough is beyond me ... I get dla and I have to care for my son who has aspergers/ autism and moderate learning difficulties... He also gets dla .. So I would fight that decision as people working get dla

If you email Emma at

Info@fibroaction.org and put the heading benefits she will send you the work and benefits guides which should help you work out what you are entitled to

Vg x

I had to reply as I agree with you in this and please appeal!!

I know ppl who have been granted full care and full mobility and then was pregnant this person though is lovely and not some one who just knocks up a baby lol ( like your expression as there is ppl out there that do)!!

Don't give up put in a letter how they come to a decision of granting some one else it when new Norns and toddlers are 24/7 care and attention no matter what state your in !!

This person has chrohns disease and spondylolytis and when I started my issues she started hers with the nerve pain .

How on earth will manage I do not know as her hubby Wrks all shift hours.

Wishing you luck and don't give up xx


I didn't think you could do anything about an appeal decision.


Yes you can go to second tier appeal


All as I can say isn't allowed to be printed I think they are a pathetic excuse for human beings and if you can your keep on fighting it you've got to this invisible illness is real and it is degenerative if you don't manage it cause the symptoms increase if you work against it. I know how you must be feeling I have a granddaughter and cant be left alone cause im not on the ball enough and I get lost in the fog so as you can imagine my responses are not to quick as they need to be with a two year old im so sorry that your not supported in this. So don't give up your not alone and there are successful story's on here that tell of long fights for this support. Fibro friend. :))

Ask your local CAB to help you appeal. Mine have been great they even sent a woman to my home to save me going out

Hi there is a lawyer on fb who has a page called fight back it has very good info and she will also help you with appeals etc her name is Michelle also the info pack I got from this site is great advice . I hope you win this is a disgrace gentle hugs xxxx

I am very surprised they refused you. My daughter who is in foster care was moved on at one point as her carer had developed a chronic illness, so it even happens to registered foster carers! Keep fighting and good luck.

DLA is an inwork benefit, so regardless of what you are doing they should not have refused you on that reason. May I please suggest that you write to the Tribunals Service and ask for the 'statement of reasons' and also the 'records of proceedings' and these will give you a complete analysis of the hearing.


Liam Carter

Senior case manager

My Benefit Claim


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