Sorry I've not been on here for ages but not had the best start to the year :-( I got temporarily moved to another office where everyone was really nice apart from the other admin assistant who was a right <insert animal that goes moo> and kept sniggering when I had brain fog and said something daft which made me more self conscious and made me do more daft stuff etc.It was still much better than where I work normally but I couldn't stay there. Back at base I can't do right for doing wrong, I work hard but got told off for talking and given lots of physical tasks which were causing me pain. When I mentioned this it went in one ear and out of the other. I ended up with work related stress and nearly walked out. We are being treated like kids whilst the kids in schools are being treated with more respect. Maybe we should go to school and the kids can do our jobs! There is going to be a showdown soon in our office between the desk monkeys and the organ grinders.

And VG Lucien nicked another piece of toast out of my handbag last week!

Storm (and getting Stormier week by week) x

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  • I think actually it was me.... Pats lucien on the head and slips lucien a treat... Well done for keeping quiet....

    I am sorry about your work ... Hope the showdown has some affect. It seems like your workplace is a bundle of joy NOT..... We don't need stress on top of working ... If its any consolation I never shut up so would be in the naughty corner with you for talking too much

    VG x

  • Employers these days are terrified that you might spend a few seconds not earning them money - I'm surprised they let you take time out to pee!

    Goes and joins everyone in the naughty corner! :(

  • Ah it was you who left the gate open then! I was blaming the postman! Did you enjoy my gluten free spicy cinnamon toast with butter? At least cat plus toast doesn't equal £600 vet bill like cat with diclofenac does!

    It's just one particular Line Manager picking on people and she talks more than anyone so it's creating a really awful atmosphere. She is all palsy with the office manager but doesn't do it when she is around which makes us look bad! Meanwhile the CE is trying to promote Restorative and fair practice across the city which is a joke when the managers won't take it on board!

    Better go and let the Tasmanian Devils loose!

    Storm x

  • Yes it was yummy .... Ouch about the vet bill , at least that WASNT me ...I, Like the cat can't take diclofenic

  • I'd better make a whole batch for you, myself and Moffy to eat in the naughty corner! Then we'll be in trouble for eating lol :-)

    Storm x

  • Toast? Cinnamon toast? Lead me to it! xxxx

  • Talking of letting u go for pee one place I worked as a teenager the manager used to put timer on his watch...it was two flights of stairs a corridor and he gave 5mins...and he would say what took you so long if late...one girl let him have it in full hearing of everyone..she told him in detail what she done pull pants down remove tampon Indio New tampon...etc the whole lot he was interrupting I get the msg she said no im not finished if got 2 more mins to describe lol it didn't stop him he just added one min extra for time of month..like he then knew you were on time of month...no one stayed more than 10 months...I played 5''so know w hat idiots some employers can be.

  • OMG I can't believe he timed you on a loo break the tight g** kudos to that girl who had him the gory details. Worse job I ever had was for a credit reference agency who were so bad even the job centre advised me to leave! We haven't had a pay rise for 3 years so I'm at least going to talk to my friends

    Rebel me

    Storm x

  • Oh I worked in Chelsea girl my 1st job the area manager came in rubbed her finger along the till and said what do these lot do all day get one of those animals to dust the counter...oh yes animals

  • What is a pay rise? Been about 4 years since our last one. About to go into a Stage 3 Meeting with Head Teacher, Personnel and my Union Rep [I hope he's as good as he thinks he is!] Been back to work after 6 months off and dumped in new area myself. Everyone treating me as if I was an idiot, someone without ability who was just swinging the lead - when an old friend and colleague asked me a question - 'what happened to the old friend I once knew?' It made me stop and think. I had far more experience than those who moaned about me. Ok I may not know Math [the dept] but I deserve respect. Within a week, I had it back. My confidence and my respect. Hold your head up high. You know what you can and cannot do. Dig your heels in cos Honey, they cannot fire you because they are making you ill! Contact your local MP if that happens and give them a fight. I am.

    Soft hugs,

    Good luck! Find a way to fight for your rights!

  • Littlemisshurty that is disgusting - beyond belief who the hell did she think she was!!

    Sarah-Jane thank you for the advice - hope all goes well in your stage 3. I'm on 2 because of time off due to dislocated clavicle last year. I'm going in work even though I have a really bad chest infection which could possibly be pneumonia cos I dare not have any time off!

    Storm x

  • Stormy do take care remember that even when you come up against twits like her - you are the better more able Fibromite and you can do anything ! We can you know dont let her beat you xgins

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