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just had my medical assessment

DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!! i have never been made to feel so low in all my life, not really the best time to post as should calm down a little first,needless to say i know my money will be stopped!!!!!!! as i told the "examiner" and i use that word loosley! you can forget the rest of this as i am now leaving i may not have much in life but pride i do have in bucket loads i would rather starve than be put through this circus, a rather shocked examiner left her throne and came and sat with me i was reduced to a wreck and i must say she was very understanding and quite a nice lady she convinced me to stay and finish it and then when it was all complete asked if she could give me a hug!!!!....then low and behold we get to our car to find a parking ticket we were 15mins over, the traffic warden was just leaving it so you can imagine my response...i said thankyou and have a nice day!!!!!!!!!! time for a cuppa i think......x

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Oh dear poor you, what a horrid experience and the top it all finding a parking ticket, that must have been just about the end.

On a more positive angle, I'm not sure they can stop your money just like that and from what you say the 'examiner' did show some compassion, so things may be not so bleak as you think. By saying what you did and what transpired, I think you gave her an insight into how many of us have felt being put through the hoop by all these ghastly changes, but you can stand proud louda - you showed your dignity is worth far more than money and I for one stand and applaud you for what you did. Have a nice cuppa, I'm joining you in a metaphorical one, and say cheers to one very courageous person !!!!


What a horrible experience, well done you for standing up to them like that, as you say we have our pride .... And at least you got through the ordeal having shaken up the examiner and they persuaded you to stay, and then to get a parking ticket .... I think a cuppa is just what you need and a round of applause for standing your ground.

I do get dla albeit not much and not for my fibro that is convieniantly ignored..... I received my letter/ novel about the changes from dla to and as understand it ...basically summed up in one paragraph which took them 8 pages..

If you are receiving dla by / still April this year then you will not be bothered until oct 2015 for a PIP assesment. If your claim is up for renewal after April and you haven't been sent a renewal form by then or are a new claimant you will have to apply for PIP Even if you were previously awarded dla for life or indefinitely you will be contacted at intervals to be assesed by a medical examiner.

That's going to be so much fun as my autistic son doesn't speak to strangers...

VG x


Awwww what a horrible experience - my medical is imminent I am dreading it ; (


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