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ESA assessment on Tuesday

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Ok, so a bit worried about this after all the horror stories I read πŸ˜₯

Any tips or advice would be greatfully received 😊

My daughter is taking the day off work to come with me, I have my diagnosis letter from my consultant rheumatologist and a letter from the pain clinic I have been attending, but that is all I have !

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Hi just be your self .and tell them you can't do it.dint look f fresh go rough.take rest when you get here and walk slow .they watch and monitor you.its terrible you should no have this for esa.maybe pip but not say even don't wash that day hard it may seem

wenhazed in reply to Ajay575

Thanks for the advice, you would think a diagnosis from a consultant would be good enough without even having to attend an assessment 😐

Ajay575 in reply to wenhazed

Yes itz terrible should not happen good luck.hae a the benefit for work website esa self test you don't give name and it's not binding.tells you how many points they think you should need 15.and wot group

Mind they sometime say it's not the diagnosis.itS wot you can and can't do .so you can't do

Rose54 in reply to Ajay575



PIP and ESA is based on what you can and can not do and with PIP what you need help with .

If it was based on your diagnosis alone more people would get it .

As for going scruffy its not helpful .

I know several ladies who where awarded points due to the fact they had hairdresser come to their home weekly to do their hair as unable to do it themselves or get to the Salon .

So sometimes things like this can be a bonus



Ajay575 in reply to Rose54

Y eh your probably right .just seen cases where assessors have said looks well and fresh and seems ok .it's just assessors twisting things . But I suppose not all assessors the same

Rose54 in reply to Ajay575


It really is a minefield, in my job I often have to complete PIP forms for customers .

I think other people see more then we do ourselves this is why its so important to have others input wit theses forms.

Always helps if you have Support Worker ,Care Manager or Support Plan in place .

Ajay575 in reply to Rose54

Y eh .your probably in a good position for advice as well


Good luck,just be yourself your not lying you are ill just be honest and make sure you tell them everything,even if you write it all down an take it with don't have too pretend I'm sure your symptoms are bad enough allready,yes we have too say every day is a bad day.etc but I'd say be yourself, good luck X

wenhazed in reply to Hidden

Thank you, the fact is, I would love to just be normal!! Go out to work everyday, have a social life, be who I used to be 😐

I have found it vey difficult admitting how much I struggle πŸ˜•

This is the last thing I want to be doing πŸ˜”

😊 will take a look at esa self test, thank you x

Hi I had an assessment yesterday. The woman was very pleasant and appears understanding. It lasted 40 mins. They don't say how you got on. She said I will hear in about 4 weeks. Don't be to worried about it. Take all your medications and doctors letters. She didn't ask to see any of my letters but take them in case they ask

wenhazed in reply to Bobby16

Thank you 😊 I will try not to worry 😊


Hi there you have your daughter by your side your written letters as well , you can only be yourself , don't be made to feel guilty really you have not asked for fibro or any other conditions . Looking at your post you have worked and paid your taxes you generally need help now, let us know how you get on , I'm hoping the people you see on the day will be understanding . They've been trained they can weed out the people who are frauds something your not . Xxx

wenhazed in reply to YASMINTINA

Thank you for your kind words of support 😊

Just keep calm; make sure that you are really honest with how you feel. I would take 10 minutes tonight and just write down all of your feelings and symptoms as it can be hard when you feel under pressure xxx

I think that might be a good idea ! I am really good at only saying half of what I had intended 😁 Thank you 😊

I have to write down bullet points when I go to my GP as I am so bad at remembering everything that I want to cover off!!! Let us now how it goes xxx

Just remember you a real being observed from the moment you are anywhere near the building. They will ask how you got there. The questions are all computerised so they have to type your answers in so don't be thrown if they seem to be typing away alot.

Remember it is not the illnessess you have but now it affects you on a daily basis. We are devils at playing down our problems and symptoms so don't do that tell them exactly how it is.

I recorded my interview as I feel it keeps them"honest" and they can't dispute what you have said to them at a later date. You have to give them notice, provide the recording equipment yourself and be able to give them a copy so it has to be either a dual recorder or two machines but I felt it was worth it.

Don't let them rush you. This might sound harsh but I am being realistic, don't be lulled into a false sense of security by their manner. They are there to do a job so don't assume they will just see from your appearance that you are ill you really have to get that fact across. Good luck let us know how you get on.x

wenhazed in reply to rosewine

Thank you for your advise, I will take it all onboard 😊

rosewine in reply to wenhazed

Good luck fingers crossed for you.x

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