I have flu yet again. I had a flu jab back in October, now beginning to think it was a dud. I have had them for many years as I was a carer for the elderly. I retired three years ago and thought I would continue to have it even though I now have to pay. Speaking to a couple of friends, they also said they had been ill, despite the jab. I was wondering if they has some left from last year and used them lol. This is the third time since October. It's not a cold as I have had temperature of 103 and ached all over. Has anyone else found they have suffered something similar. What is a good thing to take to boost my immune system.

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  • I had the flu jab in 2011 thinking it would be a good thing , never felt so ill went back to pharmacy afterwards and asked if I was mean to feel like I had flu .... This year i didn't have it ... Decided not to pay to feel ill.... This year I have sailed through winter without a cough or cold and certainly not flu... I personally don't take any supplements just try to eat healthily with the odd treat now and again....

    Hope you feel better soon

    VG x

  • Thanks for that. I don't think I will have it again. I used to take echinacea but was concerned it would interfere with my thyroxine. I try to eat well, plenty of fruit and veg. I have had a lot of stress so it may be that.x

  • I always use Echinacea and extra vit C when I get a cold or flu. Been on Thyroxine for 18 years, the Echinacea hasn't affected it so far as I know.

  • Hi

    i had the flu jab as i am asthmatic, my Hubby caught the flu and was really ill i didn't thankfully.

    there are some nasty bugs around including a new strain of the flu so maybe this is what you have.

    Get well soon Wednesday, sending you healing hugs x

  • not had flu jab for ages but boy am i ill at the mo spent all yesterday in bed just not like me at all im not sure if i have fluor have had massive flare as had bad swollen legs ,anckles at begging also a bad tummy just wish it would go xx

  • Thanks for all your replies. Thankfully I feel a little better today and my temperature is back down. Thanks for the healing hugs Irisjoy. Hope you feel better soon munchkin, you sound worse than me. I do think the flu makes our fibro worse, as my aches are still quite bad. Will all feel better when it warms up and the sun shines again. It's a grey day in Yorkshire lol

  • There is a really nasty cold doing the rounds at the moment that might account for you raised temperature etc. You usually know when you've got flu as it wipes people with no underlying health problems out for a couple of weeks with the first few days being really bad and confining them to bed. Those of us with problems to start with can expect to wave goodbye to anything up to a month. I have the flu jab every year as I work at a GP surgery and have asthma and it's protected me despite being surrounded by sick patients. Only time I had flu since getting jabs was the year bird flu first fit before they developed a vaccine. Felt like I should ring a bell and call out "unclean, unclean" as I had to quarantine myself in the house and have people leave things in the porch for me so they could run away before I got to the door. Still find my feathers getting ruffled from time to time ;) x

  • You may be right misty, I have colds before which I can cope with, but this has knocked me for a six. Thankfully the temperature has gone now, left with full head and cough. I guess they can't cover every known virus in the flu jab. I have had three different flu like viruses since having the flu jab, never had this other years so hopefully it's a one off. My body aches so much that I keep having warm baths to ease it. Just have to be patient till my body fights it off. thanks again x

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