Who takes Tramadol?

I've recently been prescribed Tramadol as I was fed up with the amount of paracetamol that I take each day in the form of Co-codamol (up to 8 tablets a day), as well as the fact they've stopped really working on the pain, so I expect I'm tolerant to them now. Anyway the Tramadol, it's awful. It makes me really dopey and I've fallen asleep in the day 3 times in the last week - even missing a meeting one day. I was using Tramadol instead of co-codamol at first but they didn't really hit the pain so I've been alternating the Tramadol with co-codamol, as prescribed but feel like I've been in a trance for over a week. Does anyone else mix these two painkillers or have a strange reaction to Tramadol? Thanks. Happy MOnday!

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  • Morning. I use co-codamol and tramadol together. I take 8 co-codamol, 4 Tramadol and 3 Ibrobfens a day. I am constantly exhausted with zero energy x

  • Hi pixie

    I take tramadol and i am now on 50mg 3 times per day, when i first satarted taking them i did feel very drousy and kept falling asleep, but now after a few months my body has go used to them, they still help with the pain but dont make me as sleepy as before, however as i am NOT a doctor i cant say that you will be the same as me or any other person who takes tramadol. :)

    Hope this helps you, please feel free to contact me if you wish via my inbox :d


  • In  your case take some wheat grass 2 ounces  from whole food  grocery market so you will make your blood less  toxic  and not constipated  more urine drink great amount of water and liquid   More vegtables  fruits than bread and starch   No drinking no wine or any alcohol  good luck 

  • Chorley, I think I started my dose too high, I was taking 2 x 50mg tramadol twice or three times a day - maybe that's too strong. I've been enduring a flare-up since xmas really and am so fed up I just want the pains to stop. I'm not sure one tablet will help much with the pain tbh.

    Totally empathise with zero energy, Rhi-Rhi. Fed up with myself, groaning and moaning, lol! I'll have another chat with the doctor - thanks for your comments. x

  • Cut it down to once a day every 8 hours  to 10 hours you will see it's the same thing effect  .  Take it on empty stomach  it's work better  try to go to sauna more often or a   Hot bath  and more vegtables and fruits    Good luck 

  • I do ... helps me sleep.. and I feel really strung out the following day on them.. :-(

  • Ive used tramadol patches on patient they nealy always caused an adverse reaction to start with drowsiness sweating, myself I take 8 co codemol baclofen and gabapetin they dont touch they pain

  • I've come off Tramadol as it wasn't hitting the pain but just turning me into a zombie. I was prescribed 400mg per day with co-codamol in between by one doctor and then told to reduce the Tramadol and not take co-codamol at all. The next doctor said not to take Tramadol but to take Gabapentin. I am so confused. I did take the retardant Tramadol twice a day which I think worked.

    I am in pain but have more energy and am taking New Era homeopathic medicine which (unless it's in my head) seems to be helping. I feel I'm back at the beginning but more in control and will be seeing yet another specialist next week.

    I think we get shrugged off by doctors so next week I will be assertive and discuss how WE manage my condition. Good luck with your decisions. :)

  • Hi there,

    I take gabapentin and it is brilliant i couldnt live without it now.

    My gp has said that trammadol or cocodamol will not touch all the burning, stabbing, gnawing pains that gabapentin is used for.

    I maybe wrong as i know all gp say different things.

    kel xxx

  • Hi, I have been on Tramadol for about 7 years now, did stop for about a year but went back on it. I take 2x50mg 3 times a day, i also take Gabapentin 900mg per day and at night I also take 2 paracetomol.

    I have never had any of the symptons you mention. i suggest to go and ask your chemist if he thinks this is normal.

  • Hi All, Yes, have been through the gabapentin route already - omg did that stuff make me feel like I was on drugs - but not in a pleasant way! I felt VEry strange and ill, so stopped taking it and went back to the doctor.

    Today I took only one 50mg tramadol twice with co-codamol in between and felt ok, not drowsy, so maybe this is the way forward. The next few days will tell.....

  • I take tramadol and gabapentin with parecetomol only takes the edge off but was told by pain management clinic not to take co codamol with tramadol. You must keep parecetomol topped up fot it to work effectively. Everyone is different the secret is finding what works well for you and good health proffessional team. I also do relaxation the Sylva method which is downloadable is an excellant programme

  • i agree with what you have said you shouldn't take tramadol with co codamol; try an anti inflammatory i take naproxen.

  • Hi Angela, the reason the pain clinic advised you not to take tramadol and co-codamol is because they are both opiates even though tramadol is a synthetic opiate it still does the same jobs, so taking them together could lead to being over medicated and at worse overdose. They are also highly addictive but in our case, who cares lol....gentle hugs, Sharon

  • I took tramadol and solpadol (500mg paracetamol with 30mg codeine) together twice and both times ended up with terrible itching all over, I had to take an antihistamine in the end and that hardly made a difference. If I take the tramadol and codeine separately I don't itch so it must be the combination of the two together I guess. The euphoria was very nice though lol! :D

  • I take tramadol and have done for years now, i started off with 50mg once a day, along with 2 paracetomol and years later i am on 2x 50mg upto 3 times aday along with 6 500mg paracetomol it just takes the edge off the pain, i still have bad pain, i also have ibroprofen 400mgs, when i first started off on 1 50mg tramadol i would have illusinations they were very frightening,and nightmares but my body has got used to them over the years i suppose and i am fine with them. :)

  • Hi i take Tramadol and Naproxen which is an anti-inflammatory along with my pregabalin it all helps a bit at least i can walk up the stairs better now.

  • i was taking naproxen but doc took me off them as they can cause inferlitlity and misscarriage

  • really!!! that's the first i have heard that omg it would explain alot. i will have to talk to my doctor about this. thanks

  • I have been on Tramadol and Oxycodone since last Nov and at first i was so sleepy but now they just ease the pain without the sleepiness.

  • Thanks for all of your comments, they've been very helpful. This week I've been taking one tramadol and then two co-codamols about 3 hours later and doing that about 3 times a day. Can't tell if it's helping the pain that much but I'm certainly not falling asleep on my feet! Have a good day x

  • im on highest dose of tramadol and often feel like the walking dead ,, but its that or have awful pain ... so its hobsons choice ,, most other meds dont agree so all the ones im on now make me sleepy x

  • ive been taking 400mg of tramadol for over 5 yrs. im now addicted to them and they dont touch the pian, due to being pregnant my doctor has taken me off them and put me on codeien phosphate. im struggling as its a huge drop in pain relife. im already taking amitriptalyine for the fm aswell. but most days im in so much pain, and my partner who i dont live with dosent seem to understand what im going threw

  • Hi tramadol is best taken with paracetmol it seems to

    work better, take a slow release tramadol, 100mg is best twice

    a day.

    you can then take the 50mg for break through pain if you nead to, you

    can also get tramadol slow realease 200mg as well but with the

    stronger ones you do get a few withdrawel symptoms mainly hot


    trouble is as with most medication your body quickly gets used to

    them and you need to try other things

  • Can anyone tell me if u can take Dihydrocodeine with Gabapentin?

  • You need to speak with your Pharmacist who supplies your medication or speak directly with your Doctor, that is the best course of action.

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