Dear Fibro

Dear fibro your you're well awake the last couple of days ar'nt you? I don't know what angered you so much this time, usually your with me most days, sometimes your just sleeping in the background snoring loud enough to tremor my body and give me niggling pains but yesterday something must have really upsett you, you gripped round my back and ribs so everytime I breath I feel your weight bearing on me so painfull I just want to take shallow breaths, just like a octopuse wrapping tenticals around my calf's giving me muscle cramps and send electric shocks of pain down my legs while doing this you suck all my energy from my body leaving me drained. I wish I knew how to stop waking you and why I make you so angry. In fact I just wish you would go away.

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  • Think we all wish that Kjb121 I no the feeling had bad flare-up 5 weeks this week shoulder and arm the pain is horrendous hope you feel better soon sending hugs 🤗🤗🤗

  • You described it well What do you do to help your Fibro Wishing will not get rid of it , but people on this Foram will give you with good advise 😎

  • I take medication and go to yoga I'm not as bad as some people I just had a bad flare up and it puzzles me to what I have done to flare it up I still manage to work at the moment but I get so tired sometimes been awake since 4am in pain.

  • Hi Kjb121 thats one of the best explanations I have heard for Fibro, brilliant and you tell it off & leave us alone once & for all.

    I'm sorry your in so much pain, its very waring when there is so much going on in a Fibro flare. Sometimes, like you say, there is no reason, it just comes on from nowhere..

    I do hope you soon feel better my friend ☺ i see you have not long been diagnosed as Fibro. Do you know all about pacing yourself ?. It's a lot to take in after a diagnosis & it helps to get as as possibly. Have you been on the main site much ? There is lots of good info and links on there and generally updates on what is going on in the way of research etc.

    Peace, luv n light

    Luv Jan x

  • Hello Janet how bad is your Fibro ? I got it bad but dealing with it I put my PIP form in today so see what happens x

  • Hi Erny well I have got worse with age, like most things sadly. I have been quite bad this last year & have had my pain meds increased & changed to the Butrans patches but I'm still taking codeine & tonight im in absolute agony, ive got severe pain in my hip & back at this moment & I've got pins & needles & numb fingers in one hand, trigger toe (which I've never heard of before) lol & to top all that, I've got head ache & then every now & then, just to spice things up a bit, I feel like I'm being stabbed with hot needles. Oh & felt sick earlier too lol, I'm laughing but it's not funny, as you well know, but we all cope in our own way because we have to. Sometimes I can hArdly walk & i either sleep fo England for have raging insomnia, there's no in between.

    Do you get help filling your pip forms in ? I hope it goes well for you.

    Luv Jan x

  • O Jan I'm sorry in so much pain I know how itfeels and Iv got a cold to which makes it hell Yea I did gethelp I hope we siad the right things , I sir spose now it's a waiting game love ❤️ to you x

  • wow I understand that I left a post, on the mental side of fibro how I feel, What you have posted just seems to merge into that with me. Like a two edged nightmare xxxxxx hope you find some releif

  • Wonderful my friend great explanation. Thanks for sharing and I sincerely hope that you feel better soon. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you Ken Iv got a allotment but so hard to dig it .

  • Hi Erny I know what you mean my friend. I find digging the soil so difficult myself. I tend to let my son or son in law do it for me these days.

  • Wow you explained fibro perfectly, it is such a horrid illness, I don't make plans anymore because I know it can flare at any time, it's enough having daily pain without the flares, love and wishes to you x

  • Yea your right Dionne Iv cancelled three holidays this year Fibromygia is horrible 😘

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