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Hi I received my papers today because the DLA can not make a decision on my awards. Is there anywhere I can go for help with this . My husband tries to help me but I know that if he comes in with me I will get nowhere. I love him to bits but I know he will say something (not meaning to) and wreck the whole thing. I just want some advice on how to tackle this. I am now tearing my hair out .xx

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Hi Michphil,

I think your best bet is to go to Citizens Advice Bureau. They are very good with these matters, and can appoint an advocate for you if necessary.

Best of luck with your tribunal.

Moffy x


Hi Ladymoth,

I will try the CAB when I spoke to someone before from there they told me that they did not deal with this sort of thing, But I think it was because I was appealing but now it is now a tribunal they should be able to help shouldn't they ? x


whilst waiting for my decision I got a few letters saying they hadn't yet made the decision - could this be what yours is?



Hi Sandra99b,

No it is for a tribunal I have appealed against their decision 3 times they awarded me the middle rate care on the second appeal but it was the mobility I did not agree with as I am unable to get out of the house been housebound for 12 months and it is driving me crazy. This has been going on since last April. The letter says I will hear when they have decided on a date, How did you go on with your application I hope you got what you should get ? x


hello. if you live in london in lambeth or southwark boroughs there are lots of agencies. i actually work for in tenancy support so let me know if you are in the area. Good luck!!


Hi Kimbles,

No I live I Rossendale Lancashire and there is not much around here that know about my condition. I think it is going to be pot luck for me but I will not give up and I am prepared for a long fight . Thanks. x


Citizens advice of local law centre if you have one.


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