Advice on looming tribunal please

Been away for ages but still reading blogs and questions. Can anyone help with advice on DLA tribunal Wednesday next week. My husband is coming with me but car park is over 20 metres from tribunal convenient...and on the fourth floor. I think the best solution is for him to drop me off and park, I am getting extremely stressed out already even though I know the worst thing they can do is say no. Although my husband works full time just paying for prescriptions for his asthma and my fibro meds, along with a son in uni, is taking its toll. Any advice as to dos and dont's at tribunal would be so welcome take care xxx

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  • I have my tribunal 23rd july , I wish you lots of luck , please let us know how it goes hugs angie x

  • Aw, thanks Angie and good luck with yours too. Just want it over with now, will let you know what happens hugs too Justine x

  • Hi Poppy. Your husband dropping you off is a good idea, as they will be watching you. Get your husband to say something on your behalf, I am sure that is what swung it for me. After answering all their questions they asked if he wanted to say anything and he said" My wife talks about her better days, but from my point of view she has none, she is constantly in pain and needs my help every day, at various times throughout the day. This is a woman that had a hectic corporate job, came home and cooked dinner and cleaned house, and did all the diy. Now if she is able to load the washing machine without having to stop for a rest, she calls this having a better day". I was totally gobsmacked as we hadn't planned for him to say anything. I was awarded lower rate care.

  • Thanks so much shazzap12, your reply is so useful and although your husband hadn't planned his comments, they hit the nail on the head, must have left the panel gobsmacked. I will definitely use a similar tactic. I was working, bringing up 2 children, one got his degree this week, the other just finishing an apprenticeship, a mad deaf dalmatian with social problems and all the other duties of running a home. I feel that everything is on my husband, I try and do as much as I can and find it so frustrating when the garden needs doing, the decorating looks tired etc. I can't expect anymore from him, he has asthma too, which drags him down. I would be over the moon to even get the lower rate care, free prescriptions would really help and just the acknowledgement that fibromyalgia has completely change my life and fellow sufferers too. Contrary to the last paragraph, I am a positive person and we laugh at each other, he shouts "the bells, the bells" when I'm limping around and I tell him to concentrate on his breathing, you've got to keep your humour otherwise you're beaten. Take care xxx

  • Drop Liam a pvt message he is really helpful and will help where possible

  • Could you give me a link for Liam please cjw064 xxx

  • hi message me pet and I will give you liams details,xxx

  • Aw thanks pond minstrel, I managed to find the link and have spoken to him on the phone. He was kind, understanding and full of useful information on tribunals, he advised me of the do's and dont's and was very encouraging. I have probably left it a bit late and will still have to endure the tribunal next Wednesday, however I now feel that Liam has put the whole thing into perspective and I just need to convince the panel that I need help for care and mobility. So glad I spoke to him and even if I get a negative result I feel that with his guidance I can fight the decision, thanks to everyone big hugs Justine xxx

  • hi im glad you got in touch with liam..did he say it was to late to halt tribunal so he can represent you?..or does he feel you have it covered? xxx

  • Well pondminstrel, as the tribunal is on Wednesday he said I have 2 options, I can either ask for adjournment until I have someone to represent me, or I can tackle it myself with his advice. I've decided to tackle it and if I'm refused he has offered to write to Birmingham for me, to ask for the reason why I've been turned down and then go from there. He was very calming and I was so pleased I Spoke to him, hugs Justine x

  • hi so glad you spoke to him..hes very straight and honest..glad hes given you some advise..i have every confidence in him..please keep me posted ..or if you want to chat just message me xxxx

  • Thanks again pondminstrel, I'll let you know how it goes just sorting out the letters now xxxx

  • hi pet,,no problem..isn't it a great feeling when someones input gives us hope! xxxx

  • Hi Poppy your husband sounds just like mine. My husband has diabetes, sleep apnea, asthma and sciatica but does not see himself as disabled. He is my rock and is so laid back about everything and is so funny without meaning to be. His whole attitude has really helped me to accept my illnesses and realise I can no longer be superwoman.

  • Aw, shazza12, it's so lucky we can see the funny side of things, the only thing that upsets me is when my husband starts panicking over finances then I wish I was superwoman to take the strain off him, but without any benefits, well have to carry on struggling, I hope fibro gets the acknowledgement it deserves eventually, perhaps we need to promote it with comedy, lol hugs Justine xx

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