I went for next experts opinion today the second of the week do I

have -I thought he said Venus desease - near enough - following the tests he confirmes that I have cronic Lympnona goodie goodie gum drops. So I came away feeling very deflated as I thought I was visiting the pain clinic. One of lifes little surprises. I wonder what tomorrow will bring :) xgins

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  • So it's official you are the roman goddess of love ... Just love your phrases , you get told you have chronic lymphoma , then say you feel deflated..... Oh Gins never leave the forum just hearing your snippets everyday is so cheery... Have they given you any medication to help?


    VG xx

  • At least I hope you are the roman goddess of love not a fly trap...

    VG x

  • Blimey if she was a flytrap we would have all out war with the spiders, or are they false eyelashes lol. I have no idea what CL is so I need to go look it up so I can understand a little better xxxxx

  • not sure what the chronic lymphona is but like the idea of the gumdrops - do they cure it?

  • gins I just looked them both up and I'm worried, please come back on and tell us what they've said. [or pm me]


  • Hi just have chronic Lympodeama my friends it is okay really I If they manage to stop swelling and stop the possible ulcers it will be good. I am glad they are helpging :) don't worry :) xgins

  • hope the bandages work,

    thanks for explaining gins.

    take care,


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