Baking today with wheat free flour fine but it always

tastes odd to me. Still bisquits mince pies and goodie to make grandson will help flour will fall like a snow storm around the kitchen it was bad enough when he and I washed up soaking wet but very happy :)

Tomorrow he is taking me to Thomas Land he is only 2 hehe I am sure I will love it what a treat. He calls me Gan gan he is a right bobby dassler blond curly hair and a enchanting smile :) Very cherubic.

I send you all warm wishes for Christmas and as we get closer thanks fior reading my rubbish hugs to you all ((((((((((((((((((())))))))))))))))))))))) xgins

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  • Make the most of those blonde curls and smiles Gins its all a trick sometime after the age of 5 it all changes... My son was blonde and smiled so sweetly with a cute adorable face.... Now his hair is black , you can't see his face for hair and the only movement his mouth makes is to grunt or ask for food.... And he seems to have grown a small rectangular block on one of his hands that he taps at frantically .... When I suggested we get it surgically removed he went into shock and had to be fed sugary drinks and copious amounts of chocolate

    VG x

  • ah the hand syndrome difficult to erradicate hope he taps rythmically---- are you prepared now ? have you got your sprouts and made your stuffing?


  • I am all prepared... My OH is cooking Christmas dinner , gahh now replying is holding me up I don't want to miss the early showing of the end of the world

    Oh yes that's the song I can play on the piano while we watch it ,

    Wanders off singing it's the end of the world as we know it...........

    VG x

  • Making sausage rolls today at my house, so we will have a snow storm of flour too! Only 100 to make, so four hours later or so, I should be back here exhausted!

    (Might be sensible to keep VG away from the flour or there will be a national announcement on the tv of a nationwide snow storm and imminent Ice Age lol! :O :P ;) She will have everywhere in the land covered in white stuff! Look what she does with candle wax! :O )

    (((hug))) xxx


  • I shan't be here I am time travelling well actually I will be here cos I.ll come back as soon as I have gone so save me a sausage roll please

    VG x

  • Well, I'm having a traditional Christmas lunch!! Frozen turkey, defrosted before cooking of course, carrot and swede mash, buttery mash and cheddar mash, roast potatoes in duck fat, sprouts, all courtesy of Sainsburys ready prepared stuff!! I'll be standing over a hot microwave for at least 10 mins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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